Samantha’s Mid-Week Inspiration: Glamore Nail Art

It’s been a while since I posted a nail art tutorial for you guys, so to bring you some mid-week inspiration I thought I would show you how to create a nail art look using the new Glamore Shattered Star Nail Varnish. I LOVE these new nail varnishes and they are great for adding a bit of shimmer and sparkle to your nail art look. I went for a stripy look using all three shades, as I love how they all look together!


What will you need?

In order to create this nail art look you will need all three Shattered Star Nail Varnishes: Marquise, Fire Rose and Trilliant. You will also need a base colour, I chose to use Pink Raindrops as I think it creates a nice subtle base to make the stripes stand out. It would also be handy to have some striping tape and a dotting tool (alternatively you can use some thin pieces of tape and a toothpick).



Step-by-Step Tutorial:



Step 1: Paint your nails in the base colour of your choice. I painted two coats of Pink Raindrops to create an opaque base on the nails.

Step 2: Apply small pieces of striping tape evenly across the nail. I chose to apply the tape diagonally, however you could also place it in a horizontal or vertical pattern.

Step 3: Next fill in the gaps between the striping tape. I first applied Marquise near the tip of the nail, then Fire Rose and finally Trilliant. I used a dotting tool to help me carefully place the nail varnishes into the gaps and to prevent the colours merging into one another.

Step 4: I waited for the Shattered Star Nail Varnishes to dry and then peeled off the tape. You could paint a top coat over the nails at this stage if you wish, however I chose to leave the texture of the glitter showing through.

And there you have your stripy Glamore nail art look!












I hope you like this nail art! If you recreate this look yourself be sure to share a photo with me! I would also love to see any other nail art looks you create, so #Illamasqua on Instagram, @Illamasqua on Twitter or post a photo on our Facebook wall.

Happy Nail-Arting! Sam xx

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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