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Samantha’s Mid-Week Inspiration: Back 2 School Nail Art

With Schools and Universities all going back to start a new year very soon, this weeks nail art post has a ‘Back 2 School’ theme. I have put together a step-by-step guide so if you want to find out how to achieve the nail art look below keep reading!


What will you need?

In order to achieve this look you will need Illamasqua Nail Varnish in the shades Alarm (bright flame red), Optimist (warm yellow), Raindrops (light grey), Lament (bright coral), Harsh (silver glitter), Force (periwinkle blue), Purity (peach), Boosh (glossy black), Noble (turquoise blue) and Top Coat. You will also need Precision Ink in Scribe and a dotting tool to create the fine details of the nail art.

what will you need

Base Coats:

To begin the nail art looks I painted the base coat of each nail in the appropriate colour. I painted the little and ring finger in Purity, the fourth finger in Optimist and finally for the middle finger and the thumb I used Precision Ink in Scribe which some of you may use as a liquid eyeliner, but it is also great for nails! I applied two coats of each in order to create an opaque base on each nail.


With each nail being different, to make it easier I have split the step-by-step guides into each seperate nail.

Red Colouring Pencil:

To begin with using the dotting tool and Alarm create the stem of the pencil and the lead. Next using Boosh, create the tip of the pencil and add 3 verticle lines down the stem.

red pencil


For the tshirt nail you need to begin by using Force and painting the nail all over, leaving a small ‘V’ shape at the top. Next take Boosh and using the dotting tool outline the ‘V’ neck, draw the outline for the bow tie and create an L shape and small button. Finally take Precision Ink in Scribe and very carefuly add a dot to the centre of the button and small stripes in the bow tie.

tshirt nail

Notepad Nail:

To begin the notepad nails take Noble and using the dotting tool carefully draw lines horizontally across the nail. Next take Alarm and draw one line vertically down the nail to the left. Finally take Boosh and add the lettering onto the nail using the dotting tool again.

notepad nail

 Drawing Pencil:

The final nail is the pencil nail. To begin paint two stripes, one in Raindrops and one in Lament to create the rubber area of the pencil. Next take Boosh and paint two lines horizontally to seperate of the rubber and 3 lines vertically to create the detail on the stem of the pencil. I used the dotting tool to achieve this. Finally I added a small amount of Harsh over the top of Raindrops to add a bit of glitter to the nail.

pencil nail

Final Step:

The final step to this tutorial is to apply a Top Coat onto all nails once they are dry. This will prevent chipping and add some shine.

top coat

Hope you have enjoyed this fun nail art tutorial and for those of you heading back to school and uni in the next few weeks GOOD LUCK! I would love to see your nail art looks so please post them on our Facebook wall, tweet us @Illamasqua on Twitter or share your images through #Illamasqua on Instagram.

Until next time, Samantha x






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