Samantha’s Mid-Week Inspiration: 3D Inspired Nails

As some of you may have already seen, we have a 3D theme running on our social media channels today. Last week we were lucky enough to have Rona film a video with us. Rona won the Distinction in Make-Up Artistry Awards last year and the look she created for the competition was based on 3D make-up (you can read more about Rona’s time at Illamasqua here). Therefore this inspired me to use similar shades in my nail art look today and create a 3D inspired manicure!

Final 1

What will you need?

All you will need to create this is a white nail varnish, Nail Varnish in Throb and Noble, a Top Coat and a dotting tool (alternatively you could use a toothpick or the end of a hair grip).

Step-By-Step Tutorial:



Step 1: Begin by painting all nails in white nail varnish. I applied two coats for an opaque base.

Step 2: Next its time to add the red spots. Take Throb onto a dotting tool and create polka dots on the thumb, index finger and half of the middle finger.

Step 3: Then you can add the blue spots. Take Noble on the dotting tool and create polka dots on the ring finger, little finger and the other half of the middle finger.

Step 4: Finally once all nails are dry, take Top Coat and paint a layer onto each nail to seal in your design and make your nails last that little bit longer.

And there you have your 3D inspired nail art!

Final 3

What do you think of this look? Have you created any 3D make-up or nail looks before? We would love to see a photo if you have so be sure to #illamasqua on Instagram. Also keep a look out on our Twitter today for our #WinWednesday competition where you could win some red and blue make-up goodies!

Happy Nail Art-ing! Sam x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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