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We all follow the world and his wife on Instagram. But when it comes down to it, who are our favourites? Our Communications team are going to be spilling their favourites week by week, and first of all it’s me in the hot seat.

Instagram Top 5 – Rose Gallagher, Social Media Manager 

This was really, really difficult for me because I absolutely love Instagram and follow lots of brilliant beauty sources. But when it came down to it, I knew my favourites…

1. Peaches and Cream – @PeachesMakeup
Quite frankly, this is the best Instagram account ever made! Peaches and Cream is a little independent salon in Liverpool and their make-up is out of this world. Yes I’m biased because I used to work there, but I have to emphasise that the only reason I started working there in the first place is because I used to go in and go on about how much I loved them all the time! Now my best friends, I am always proud when I see a picture they’ve posted, AND always insist that every one is ‘my favourite’, ha ha!

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2. Milly Tomalin from Pearls and Poodles – @PinkPixieDoll
Milly is one of those girls who – in theory – you should hate. Blonde, well made up and immaculately dressed, she’s the girl that all of us want to be. Unfortunately, she happens to be one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet, and so you couldn’t possibly hate her.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.29.59

3. Shrinkle, founder of Sugarpill Cosmetics – @Shrinkle
Amy Doan has to be one of the loveliest people I’ve had the chance to speak to since joining Illamasqua. She’s so supportive of us. A lover of all things colour, her Instagram looks like a rainbow has exploded in all of her photos. Oh how I wish I could swan around with her, Queen of Blending, Anatasia Soare, Petrilude, Porcelain and everyone else in the Sugarpill mix up.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.27.14

4. Caroline Burke from Burkatron – @Burkatron
Now there’s something very, very bizarre about Caroline. Yes, she’s a fashion blogger. BUT SHE SMILES! I love it! Somehow Caroline manages to photograph all of her lovely outfits, nail art looks (which are amazing) and beauty finds but never looks like a poser. Plus, she’s really good at photography (something I really struggle with!) and so even the simplest of items can look like a work of art on her Instagram.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.25.47

5. Aerin Lauder – @AERIN
Aerin Lauder has to be one of the most elegant, chic ladies I have ever come across. Atop her duties on the board at Estee Lauder, she is founder and Creative Director of her own beauty brand with a skill set in interior design to boot.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 09.48.35

Special shout out to Jessica Hogan, Beauty Editor at Vogue (she would have been on my list but someone else had claimed her before I had a chance to! I guess you’ll have to check back next time to see who it was…)

I hope I’ve showed you someone new or maybe some of our favourites are the same? Let me know! Tweet me @Illamasqua, I’d love to hear your recommendations.

Until next time,

Rose, @MixedGemsUK on Instagram x

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