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Rock Illamasqua in ‘Style’

This weekend saw the Sunday Times Style celebrate Human Fundamentalism

‘Don’t miss Illamasqua’s latest film celebrating the world of kooky beauty. Will you be painting your eyebrows white this season?’


Style quoted Creative Director Alex Box in their article ‘Blow Your Mind’ on how creative artists continue to push the boundaries and challenge our notions of beauty.


‘One person who has been waiting for this revolution is make-up artist Alex Box, a women known for her alternative take on beauty. The latest campaign at Illamasqua , where she resides as creative director, is entitled Human Fundamentalism, and looks like a snapshot of the 1980s club scene…“The alternative, the unseen, the unrecognized – it’s always been there in all its beauty, but it needed mainstream figures using unconventional motifs to give permission to ‘see’ with new eyes, and that difference is a positive not a negative, thing. This has been my manifesto with Illamasqua: Let the sleepers awake.”‘

Watch the Human Fundamentalsim collection video NOW…

Find out what the buzz is about and visit the Human Fundamentalism page.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert