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You asked, Pablo answered. Read our Instagram Q&A with our new Director of Artistry

As you may have already heard, we recently announced the news that we have a brand new Director of Artistry, Pablo Rodriguez. We gave you a chance to get to know Pablo a little better through a Q&A on our Instagram channel – in case you missed it, here’s a recap…



Q: What’s your favourite Illamasqua product? 

A: Powder Eye Shadow in Vapour – it’s a gorgeous burnt orange colour that looks great on all skin tones.


Q: How do I get a flawless base?

A: Not a lot of foundation, then perfect with a little bit of concealer here and there.


Q: What is creativity for you?

A: Thinking outside the box, and coming up with something new.



Q: What’s your go to Illamasqua product?

A: Antimatter lipsticks and Beyond Powder in Epic – the perfect rose gold highlighter.

Q: Which lipstick is most suitable for dark skin toned people?

A: Depends on your skin undertones. In general, I prefer warm colours, instead of cold ones.


Q: What do you feel is your biggest obstacle in your new role?

A: Probably to showcase that Illamasqua is for everyone.


Q: What is it about Illamasqua Skin Base that you love?

A: The versatility! Super sheer and buildable, plus the colour range is great! We’ve got 26 shades from white to super rich dark chocolate.


Q: Name a stylist that inspires you?

A: Isabella Blow. She’s the first one I worked with when I moved to London. Imitated many times, but she is irreplaceable.



Q: Do you have any tips on how to keep yourself inspired?

A:  Surround myself with interesting people, watch random movies, good food, movie soundtracks, fashion and I love to ask a lot of questions.


Q: What’s your vision for Illamasqua?

A: Wearable creativity that helps people feel like individuals.


Q: What’s your favourite Illamasqua product of all time?

A: The Liquid Metal Palette. The colours are super metallic and they feel like butter!


Q: What are the best colours to make brown eyes pop?

A: Cool purple shades are great to make them more golden. Livid, CanCan and and Inception.


Q: If you weren’t doing makeup what would you be doing?

A: Probably interior design.


Q: What’s your favourite complexion brush?

A: Probably the Powder Brush. I like round shapes to buff the product into the skin.


Q: What are your favourite shades for blue eyes?

A: I love tangerine colours for blue eyes. Apex, Vulgar and Vapour are my must eye shadows.


Q: What’s your favourite colour combination?

A: I love monochromatic palettes and also similar colours together like fuchsia and orange or teal and violet.


Q: Any tips for a self-taught person trying to get someone to give them a chance?

A: You’ll have to knock on a lot of doors. But determination will take you far. Never stop learning and be kind to everyone.


Q: What Illamasqua product is most interesting to you?

A: Sealing gel. You can mix it into anything to create new formulas.



Q: Who’s your favourite artist (non makeup)?

A: Paulina Otylie Surys. I’m so lucky I have some original prints!


Q: Who is your favourite fashion inspiration and why?

A: John Paul Gautier. He’s been championing alternative beauty for 40 years and still going!


Q: What’s your favourite lip shade?

A: Antimatter Lipstick in ‘Lyra’ – a very yellowish/orange/beige colour.


Q: Do you have any tips for helping a very natural pale complexion come to life?

A: Super soft pink blusher. There’s one at Illamasqua called Naked Rose that is delicious. Keep it big and sheer!


Q: I really struggle to keep makeup on my nose, I’ve tried everything!

A: I would say do not over moisturise in that area, stick to powder foundations instead of cream or liquid, and keep it sheer, so if it does come off, it’s not so obvious.


Q: Best lip colour on pale girls?

A: I honestly believe lips are the most versatile feature. So anything goes. From rich glossy to subtle stains.



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