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PR Intern Kiera says Goodbye to Illamasqua

Hello everyone! My name is Kiera and for the past 12 weeks I have had the absolute pleasure of working as the Illamasqua PR intern.

It is safe to say that prior to starting my internship, I was no stranger to Illamasqua. It’s described as a ‘cult make up brand’ and as a follower I definitely understand what that means. Although I am not quite as extreme as others who have had the famous ‘Q’ tattooed on them, but if they made a t-shirt with it on I’d definitely buy it! I am invested, is what I am trying to say and since my ultimate dream after finishing my degree is to work within their PR department, you can imagine my happiness when I got offered the placement.

Instagramed proof of my happiness…


And yes this is really what their HQ looks like!

My time here has been incredible to say the least! I have learnt so much and got to enjoy the excitement of two collections launching – Summer 2014 and the Glamore Nudes:





A huge highlight of my internship was being involved in an Illamasqua makeup tutorial for their YouTube channel and having my makeup done by the incredible Charlotte Savoury. It makes me sad that my makeup will probably never be as flawless as this again!



I have to say a huge thank you to the amazing Communications team, Nicola (Head of Communications) and Heidi (Social Media Executive), who have made me laugh every single day! They’ve also given me amazing opportunities such as attending a HeyHuman talk; graduate fashion week as part of the Illamasqua collaboration with All Walks Beyond The Catwalk; and I finally got to attend an Illamasqua make up master class:



However, my biggest thank you has to go to the incredible and hilarious Sarah (PR Executive)! I was lucky enough to work closely alongside her, which meant I was taught an unbelievable amount in just 3 months!  I’ll definitely miss her constant happiness and hyperness!


The whole of the Illamasqua team are just amazing and to top off my three months with them all, I got to take part in Illamasqua sports day and be team captain of the WINNING red team!


As you can probably tell, I’ve had the best time these past three months! I am so fortunate to have been able to have this experience. My love for Illamasqua has definitely grown even more now I have met the amazing people behind the brand!


Although it is goodbye for now Illamasqua, this certainly isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of me! 🙂



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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