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Post-Festival Beauty Guide

So what happens after the party is over and your tents are in a better state than you are?

Find out how to get back to feeling beautiful with our post-festival beauty advice and tricks. These tips go beyond the obvious ‘drink plenty of water’ and ‘get lots of rest’ which of course are vital, but these hints will have you fresh faced and fancy in no time.




Tip 1:

Mix moisturiser with your foundation.

You may be drinking plenty of water now but this might take a while to get back into your skin after days of possibly too much alcohol and an imbalanced diet. Feed your face with your favourite moisturiser (a rich moisturiser for dry skin and oil free for oily skins). I would recommend avocado oil for normal to dry skins as oil will really give you a youthful glow again. Our[mwi-product sku=”02280″  type=”add” ] will also lock in moisture, apply under your foundation or alone for rapid recovery.
HINT: Oil is also a great glitter remover! 





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Tip 2:

Shimmer shine.

Fake a healthy glow with shimmer products such as[mwi-product sku=”03224″  type=”add” ] or[mwi-product sku=”03223″  type=”add” ]. These will highlight your cheeks and give colour back to your post-festival complexion. Pat on with your index finger over the top of your foundation and in areas where you would normally highlight. Avoid over powdering your face as this will make your skin look more dull.





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Tip 3:


When you feel up to it, try and do a little exercise. Exercise releases endorphins into the body, which make you feel happier and this will show on your face. Even if it’s running up and down the stairs for 10 minutes or hopping on your bike to a shop, try this out. We promise you can go back to bed after!






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Tip 4:


Nothing will make you feel more polished than nail polish! If you are feeling flash then visit your local manicurist but if you are on a budget then get your friends over and apply your favourite shade of nail varnish. The comfort of your favourite shade and the feeling of fresh nails will have you back to normal in no time. I would recommend our[mwi-product sku=”00822″  type=”add” ].

Don’t forget to apply base and top coat to protect your nails and lock in the colour for longer.







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Tip 5:

Eat fresh.

You might have your fave pizza joint on speed dial right now but don’t be tempted, these high fat foods will make you look and feel bloated. Whip up a fruit salad (ok add some ice cream if you are really suffering) but it is important to get those vitamins back. Bananas are an amazing source of energy and will also release serotonin to lift your mood.








We hope you enjoyed our post-festival beauty tips! Come back and join us on the blog again soon.#PostFestivalBeautyScreen Shot 2015-08-06 at 14.48.56


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