Pink Lips!

London Fashion Week heralded the return of the statement Pink Lip. It has been almost impossible to open a magazine and not see plumped up, barbie like lips and if your alter ego is a Barbie doll-esque type, this is the swatch post for you!

Antonio Berardi, House of Holland and Marc Jacobs [at New York Fashion Week] all created beautiful looks with dazzling pink lips.

I absolutely love a pink lip – depending on the shade and your outfit it can be cute, girly, tongue-in-cheek, sophisticated but always, always confidence boosting.

I had a flick through our Intense Lipglosses this morning and thought I would put together a swatch post that demonstrates to you the depth and range we have of pink lips.

So here we go …


I have to start with Petulant, because it is without a doubt my favourite Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss of the moment [I say that because I am so fickle with lipglosses!] The intensity of the pink is very unexpected judging by the lipgloss case – it’s definitely a case of trying it on the back of the hand and then picking your jaw off the floor. The photos below are NOT doing it justice – I really suggest getting to a counter and trying this gloss out for the sheer wow factor!

Below is without flash.

Below is my face of the day with Petulant Intense Lipgloss – this picture has made me realise I need to do some serious eye brow grooming! I am also wearing Powder Eye Shadow in ‘Geisha’ and Medium Pencil in ‘Please’ [a really lovely navy pencil that I can’t get enough of right now] and a touch of Illuminator in ‘Fondle’ on my cheeks to perk up my desperately-in-need-of-a-facial complexion!


A great, hot pink that is fuschia – the photo below is not doing it justice as it really is hot hot hot! I think it looks great on all skin tones, but I think blondes with blue eyes who do not wear a lot on their eyes or cheeks would absolutely adore the ‘pop’ that this pink would give them.

Above is without flash, below is with flash


Indulge is our most vibrant pink – very cool and very bubblegum. Again, photos not seeming to do much justice – very frustrating! Extremely pigmented [as ever!] this pure neon pink cannot help but get you noticed!

Above is without flash, below is with flash.


Perform is a very warm red/pink that is as hot as Petulant but reddier. This colour works extremely well on olive and black skin tones and makes a gorgeous glossy flush on the cheeks, too.


Mistress is a gorgeous coral toned lipgloss, with a touch of pink. It is universally flattering, as corals tend to be, and I love it for it’s blendability – if used quite sheer [or mixed with Sheer Lipgloss in ‘Brilliant’] it becomes pinkier, whereas used generously it builds up into an almost neon orange/coral.

Above is without flash, below is with flash


A lovely warm gloss with an even mixture of pink, orange and red tones. I love this because it is a softer way to wear red on your lips if you are not 100% confident to wear red.

I personally think this is a colour that would look amazing on black and olive skin tones due to the warmth of the shade.

Above is without flash, below with flash.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert