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New York Glamore Press and Blogger Event

We were so excited to share the Glamore collection with you earlier this month, and with Illamasqua’s International Trainer, Ross, currently being in New York we thought this was the perfect opportunity to share the collection with some American Press and Beauty Bloggers.

If you haven’t yet seen the Glamore Collection, it consists of 3 brand new Glamore Lipsticks and 3 brand new Shattered Star Nail Varnishes. The colleciton also welcome’s back some firm Illamasqua favourites in the form of Eyebrow Cake in Thunder and of course the Ultimate Skin Trinity Set.

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The event took place on Monday 10th March at Bloomingdales 59th Street New York. We spoke to Ross to find out a little bit more about the event and he said ‘The event went extremely well and it was pleasure to meet the US bloggers.  I did lip and brow demos for all the bloggers and they were all intrigued as to how to create an Illamasqua brow’. Below are some images of Ross in action at the event.

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With our Ultimate Skin Trinity set also making up part of the Glamore collection, it helps to create a fresh dewy finish to your skin. Ross stated the bloggers ‘were capsulated with the Glamore collection with its dewy/fresh/dreamy skin campaign, this is a real eye opener for the North American market. This market love skin realism and it’s great to see everyone connect with this collection.

Ross added that ‘dewy skin in the US is a must, and dreamy lips is a current craze, with our new textured lipstick. The Glamore Lipsticks are popular and becoming everyone’s new best friend. The lipsticks have high pigmentation as well as injecting hydration into our lipsticks, and a combination of the two is a match made in heaven. Everyone falls in love with them.’

Lip Focus - Lilac 5 girls

As in past collections, looks for the collection imagery were created by our amazingly talented Creative Director, Alex Box. Ross said  ‘all the bloggers are in awe with Alex’s work and they love how this collection has evolved, showcasing an editorial edge and trend colours.’

A big Thank You to all press and bloggers who attended the event including; ‘Lifestyle Mirror’, ‘’, ‘The Style and Beauty Doctor’ and ‘Total Beauty’! We have loved hearing about how the event went from Ross and we hope you have too! Be sure to check out Ross’ Instagram for more images from the event.

What do you think of our Glamore collection? Which is your favourite piece? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Twitter by using the hashtag #illamasqua.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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