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Meet Naz – Crystal Reader

Naz has been reading tarot cards since she was 13 years old.
She was the deputy editor of one of the UK’s leading spiritual magazines for three years, and wrote her first crystal book last year.
She has been working at Psychic Sisters for a year and a half, and works with cards and crystals to help clients fulfil their potential. Read our interview with Naz before she joins us in Oxford Street Selfridges for complimentary crystal readings.

We are honoured to have you in store with us as we launch our beautiful Equinox collection.
Can you tell us what you will be doing in Selfridges? What can we expect if we visit?

Thank you so much – I’m honoured to be working with you. As part of the launch, I’ll be offering psychic readings to customers, and working with crystals to give them a deeper insight into their personalities, relationships and careers. I’ll also be recommending each customer the perfect products for them based on their readings, so they can leave the event knowing they’ve found the products that’ll make them look and feel the most wonderful.

Crystal reader

(Pictured: Naz from Psychic Sisters will be joining us in Oxford St, Selfridges 1-4 November)

The power of crystals is part of your work, but which crystal do you personally resonate with most and why?

Gosh – that’s such a difficult question, as I love them all! That said, I’ve always felt particularly drawn to rubies, and love everything they represent. Like Dorothy’s ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz, they encourage us to believe in ourselves (as much as we believe in others), and inspire us to rely on ourselves – rather than others – to fulfil our dreams.

Equinox Collection

(Nails shot from our Equinox Collection. Naz will be with us on our Equinox site in Selfridges, Oxford Street in November)

Illamasqua is all about self expression, inner beauty and embracing imperfections, rather than covering them up.
What crystals would you match to our brand and why?

Rose Quartz is definitely one of the crystals I’d associate with Illamasqua, as it encourages you to love and accept yourself wholeheartedly, and inspires you to fall in love with yourself. It also encourages you to be kinder to yourself, and is the perfect crystal for anyone seeking to boost their confidence.

You help clients to fulfill dreams and develop their inner strength.
Do you have any motivational quotes that you can share with us?

Absolutely! I love inspirational quotes, and have so many favourite ones. That said, I think one of my all-time favourite quotes is by a wonderful writer called Wayne Dyer, who once said: ‘you can never be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with’. I love that, and often say it to my friends, clients and loved ones.

Crystal reader

How can we all learn to connect with one another more spiritually?

I think it ultimately comes down to listening to each other as much as possible, and treating each other with as much love, kindness and compassion as possible.

Thank you Naz!

You can visit Naz, our crystal reader at our Equinox stand in the Beauty Hall in Selfridges, Oxford Street during the below times to get a personalised crystal reading;

Sun 1st Nov: 1pm-5pm
Mon 2nd Nov: 4pm-8pm
Tues 3rd Nov: 4pm-8pm
Weds 4th Nov: 4pm-8pm

For more information about Psychic Sisters, visit

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