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My Month As An Illamasqua Social Media Intern

Well, I can quite genuinely say that this past month hasn’t felt like work at all…

Social Media is something that has always interested me. I love how accessible Twitter and Facebook are as platforms for people to interact and share opinions and to see that first hand on behalf of such an influential brand like Illamasqua where the customers and fans are so loyal has been incredible.

Not only that, but to work in such a creative environment where everyone is so passionate about the brand and the products has been something else… having David Horne come down and ask everyone their opinions on new products that are in the pipe-line has been really surreal, but it just goes to show how valued everyone is here.

And when I say ‘everyone’ I mean quite possibly the best team you could ever wish to intern with. This month has quite literally flown by, and yes in large due to the hard work involved around the new Paranormal launch, which was honestly, and please excuse the pun, out of this world, but mainly because it has just been so much fun.



Rose Gallagher, Social Media Manager: The nicest, most genuine human being to grace this earth with the most expressive eye gestures I’ve ever witnessed.

Melanie Green, PR Executive: She’s the Salt to my Pepper and that’s all there is to say about that… I meaaan.

Nicola Thornton, PR Manager: The best story-teller I’ve ever encountered.

Lizzy Clough, PR Intern: Her inability to say words properly has had me in stitches this past month.

Overall, I’ve learnt so much over the last four weeks and I’m just so grateful to have been given this incredible opportunity that will no doubt aide me in all my future endeavors!

So thank you Illamasqua and a special big thank you to Rose for just being a great manager and friend x

P.S, I WILL be back for another Hip Hop Karaoke night very soon.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert