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Illamasqua fans rewarded with more than a ‘Thank You’

Find out what happened to a lucky group of Illamasqua fans when we released our Metamorph Collection

Illamasqua was launched in 2008, a time when social media was really beginning to boom and change the way we behave. This parallel timing meant that we jumped into the social media game straight away and began to build up our digital community. 2010 was the year Instagram began and without hesitation, we found ourselves connected to a vast haven of beauty connoisseurs and make-up lovers. Fast forward to 2016 and you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more! Our digital presence has grown and continually grows on a daily basis. All of this is because of one thing; our FANS. You are the reason we have a space across the internet that allows us to share, inspire and create.

We have always put our fans at the heart of the Illamasqua and are consistently looking at your feedback to help guide us to create the best products for you. When we were developing our most recent collection ‘Metamorph’ we were focussing on the evolution and changes that occur naturally within nature. Through this we recognised that we have evolved and grown thanks to our fans. There is even a hashtag adopted by our fans to share work – #illamafia.


Illamasqua fans


“Illamasqua gave me the most wonderful surprise this week when this lovely little box dropped into my hands! Their new Metamorph collection…” – Lynsey aka @lynzmua (IG)

Illamasqua fans


This gave us food for thought, how can we give back to some of our most loyal fans? We decided to give back a little more, we wanted to say more than just ‘thank you’ so we sent the Metamorph Collection to a few of our most loyal following. They have all done something to help support our brand and we are forever grateful. They were some of the first people to be sent and try out our Metamorph Collection which included a new Eye Shadow Palette, Brow Builds, Nail Veils and Masquara in Gain. We also sent them a gift to represent the collection as a whole, a pair of handmade butterfly earrings.

The gifts were well received and we were delighted to see our fans enjoying and using our products. We were so happy to give something back and offer a little more than just ‘Thank you.’ We will continue to find ways to thank ALL of our fans in various ways to show you all how much we appreciate your support and how you have sculpted Illamasqua into being what it is today.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #illamasqua and #illamafia to join our community, look out for offers, tips and beauty inspo.


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