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Mika Comes to Cardiff!

Mika will be making a highly anticipated guest appearance on the Debenhams Cardiff counter on Thursday 19th, Friday 20th and Saturday 21st November.

If you would like to meet the Selfridges London National Make-up Artist, star of the Dystopia collection adverts and infamous mainstay of the London club scene, give the Debenhams Cardiff Illamasqua counter a ring on 02920342278.

I grabbed a quick word with Mika to find out more about the Dystopia photoshoot, his favourite products and his excitement about visiting Cardiff…

Hey Mika! How are you?

“Really well – looking forward to meeting the girls at the Cardiff counter tomorrow. They have all offered to take me out on the town and I haven’t visited Cardiff before so it’s all very exciting.”

Your always out on the town! How do you think the Cardiff night-life will compare to London?

“You’ll have to ask me when I’m back! I am currently running a weeky club called Vogue at Willa’s in Mayfair. The theme of the night is always the current issue of Vogue – inspired by the photo shoots or the adverts running in the magazine, the night is an artistic melting pot of fashionistas, club kids, models, socialites and a variety of people from the fashion, beauty and art worlds.”

I have been dying to ask you what the Dystopia photoshoot was like – it must have been fabulous!

“You were there?!”

For about half an hour! How long did your day last?!

“The call was 8am and when I got there, Alex Box was already in 6 inch heels, which she lasted on all day – what an icon! Even I can’t manage that – the whole shoot, from start to finish was 13 hours. Alex created three looks on me and each took about two hours to complete. My favourite look is the black and white one, with the swirly face patterns. Alex did all of it in one go and I was amazed at how little post-production there was. I’ve always assumed that everything was airbrushed for weeks after the photo shoot, but I saw the final images a few days after the shoot. You can’t airbrush art; you would lose the point of it.”

Too right. So, what are your favourite products from the Dystopia collection?

“I adore the Pure Pigment in ‘Android’ – the dark, sultry shimmer is just such a versatile product. I love to layer it on top of Cream Eye Shadow in ‘Debauch’ or ‘Entangle’ or even the Concealer in ‘350’ for a really gorgeous, but quick and easy, smoky eye.
I also love the False Lashes 21. They are stunning.”

Will you be wearing them on the Cardiff counter?

“Perhaps, but I am currently rocking the Limited Edition Decadence lashes – the silver ones. At Halloween I put them in my eye brows for winged brows!”

You’ll have to send me a photo. What has been your defining moment working for Illamasqua?

“That’s a tough one! The past year has been absolutely amazing for me, both professionally and personally. I think that the crowning glory would be the advert that is going to run in next months iD magazine – a double page advert of the back-to-back image of me in the Dystopia ads. I am so excited to see that I can barely contain myself! I also loved that the Sunday Times Style featured a picture of me and of course the Dystopia shoot was just the best day ever.”

Here is a photo of Mika and myself – we bumped into each other at Gay Pride in the Summer… his pout is substantially better than mine!

Book now for a lesson with Mika – £20 redeemable against purchases made on the day.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert