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Meet the team: Tonee Roberio

In line with the release of our Artist’s Takeover page, we introduce you to Tonee Roberio, Educator at Illamasqua. Tonee is based in The School of Makeup Art in London. Find out more about Tonee with us below.

Hi Tonee, let’s start right at the beginning! How did you first get into make-up?

I first got into make up by watching my sisters doing there own make up in the late 70s early 80s and loving the colours and shapes they were doing! Also I was studying art at school and loved painting portraits And looking at the artwork from a company called Athena which had lots of amazing womens faces with fantastic make up.

Then I started painting my own face and doing drag for a short period of time!

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 15.09.25

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating looks, particularly for our School’s courses?

Most of my inspiration comes from just looking at colours and clothing styles and adapting to fit this!

You’ve been a part of the Illamasqua team for 2 years now, how have you grown as an artist since joining?

I have gone from working on the Illamasqua shop floor to now working full time as an educator in The Illamasqua School of Make Up Art.

Do you have any pro artistry tips for creating flawless looking skin?

The best way to create flawless skin is to make sure your skin is properly cleansed and hydrated using [mwi-product sku=”02280″ type=”add” ]. Then apply your matching [mwi-product sku=”03180″ type=”add” ] with a [mwi-product sku=”03047″ type=”add” ], gently buffing into the skin. Cover dark under eyes with [mwi-product sku=”02295″ type=”add” ] applied lightly and then finish with a light finishing flurry of [mwi-product sku=”03056″ type=”add” ] to set it into place where needed.
Learn more about the perfect base in Tonee’s Artist Takeover.


For anyone trying to master the classic winged liner what product consistency (liquid/gel/powder) would you suggest working with for control and precision?

I find the best product to use is [mwi-product sku=”03266″ type=”add” ] and a [mwi-product sku=”03045″ type=”add” ] and a steady hand! But the most important thing is to practice a lot and not leave it till the day when it needs to be perfect for either a shoot or a night out!


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 15.23.24

Can you list THREE products you couldn’t live without?

[mwi-product sku=”03180″ type=”add” ], [mwi-product sku=”02280″ type=”add” ] and [mwi-product sku=”03225″ type=”add” ]

What would you say to someone trying to start a career in the makeup industry?

After attending a professional makeup course like the Illamasqua [mwi-product sku=”COURSE-CONFIG-08″ type=”add” ] I would suggest to maybe look for work in a cosmetic company to gain speed and more confidence in the field and networking in the industry and getting to know any other makeup artists to maybe assist them on there own shoots then build your own client base.


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 15.09.15

What tips do you have for anyone trying to build up a professional kit?

Do not try to cut corners on product as cheaper brands don’t tend to have the same performance or payoff as a higher quality brand it might take longer but it will be worth it in the long run!

If you loved hearing about Tonee, check out all about Tonee’s Artist Takeover where he walks you through your base makeup here.


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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