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Meet the Team: Rachel Murray

Meet the Team

Rachel Murray

We caught up with Rachel Murray, Business Manager at our Liverpool store for this months Meet the Team post. Keep reading for an insight into her role and what it’s like to be a part of the Illamasqua team!

Please can you sum up your role for us as a Business Manager?

 Primarily my role is to drive the business to success through dedication, inspiration and passion. I enjoy equipping my team with knowledge and skills to enable them to develop their own success within the company, and maintain a talented and positive team. I thrive on seeing the Liverpool store go from strength to strength through hard work and love for the company, and I am very proud that we came Number 1 in the UK this year.

 How long have you been working with Illamasqua?

 It’s almost a year now! Time flies…


 What advice do you have for anyone wanting to break into a similar role?

 My advice would be to get as much experience as you possibly can – be a sponge! I’ve worked in cosmetics for 7 years & I have a BA & MA in Art and Design – my Masters being design with business, which I learnt a vast amount from. Take knowledge from as many sources as possible, listen and learn from constructive criticism and be prepared to work hard!

 Congratulations on winning ‘Best Business Manager for 2015.’ Was there anything in particular that you think made you stand out?

 The Liverpool store has gone through so much positive change since I started, we now have a dedicated and passionate team, which drove the business to great success in a short space of time. We came Number 1 in the UK, made the biggest increase in sales and I have proven my dedication to the company by working very hard to ensure our business works here.


 What do you love most about working for Illamasqua?

 Working for a British company that is very much like a tight-knit family is wonderful. To be surrounded by all this creativity is my dream, I feel very lucky to work for such an innovative company.

 If you could swap role with someone else in the company for the day, who would it be and why?

 I’d love to spend a day in Clare Lille’s shoes – she gets to inspire and share her knowledge and skills with a spectrum of individuals and it would be fantastic to have an insight into her talent.


 What is your favourite Illamasqua product?

 It’s got to be a 50/50 split between Stark Brow Cake and Precision Gel Liner – they’re two products you’ll NEVER see me without.

 Do you have you any make-up tips you’d like to share with us?

Learn to have fun and play with makeup! Utilise products beyond the initial use, experiment with colour & create your own trends.


Thanks for reading this month’s Meet the Team post and to Rachel for taking the time to answer our questions.

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Govinder Rayt

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