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Meet the Team: Josephine O’Brien

Today we’re talking to Events Manager, Josephine, who is based in our London Head Office. She’ll be telling us about her role here and her experiences with Illamasqua as well as sharing some useful beauty and work-related tips!

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Can you sum up your role for us?

I am the Events Manager here at Illamasqua, which means I facilitate all the events from Retail (on counter) to external (not on counter). For counter events I help with the planning and executing of the events from new collection launches (for details on the Once collection launch click here) to Beauty School Drop In and college events (The next Beauty school drop in is on the 7th September – Pin- up). For external events I get to work with fashion brands such as Sorapol at their fashion shows and work on events at the NPG or The V&A Museum.  I make sure all the right equipment is at each location, create event manuals, facilitate the events on the day and communicate with the make-up teams attending the events.

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How long have you been at Illamasqua?

I have been at Illamasqua for 3 years and 4 months. I started as the Office manager, in 2011.

What is a typical day in the office like for you?

I will get in around 8:45 – 9am. I check through my emails and check my calendar for what meetings or events I have planned for the day. If it is an event that day, I would have normally spent the day before sorting through my equipment and checking it all off. I then double-check I have all the right information in my events folder and meet with anyone who is attending the event along with me. I would then set off for the event, normally loading the equipment into a van and following it to the location. We then set-up for the event and then an hour or 2 later the make-up artists working at the event will arrive. We normally have a team brief, discussing the look and the customers or clients we are working with. We recently did the Beauty Project at Selfridges and did the make-up for the parades that happened every Saturday through the beauty hall. This was a great experience and I loved working with the team at Selfridges. After each event has finished, I send the make-up artists off. I then take the equipment back to head office, checking it all off again to make sure I have not forgotten anything. I will normally finish on an event day around 9/10pm depending on what the event is.

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Name something you worked on that you’re particularly proud of

The 3rd Year of The Distinction In Make-up artistry Awards at BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly. This was my biggest event yet, the event was held in 5 rooms and for the first time we had an audience watch the make-up artists create their looks live. I had a full events team working with me to make sure every room and area was running smoothly. I was co-ordinating over 30 people and making sure each and every one of them knew where to be and what to do. This year we are holding it again at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly on the 4th October, tickets will be on sale shortly and entry date for the competition closes on the 29th August at 5pm. You can apply here.

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What do you love most about working at Illamasqua?

How much input I have not only in events but also in other areas. Each department meets and shares what they have going on for the next couple of months and we can share our opinions or any ideas we have that might help with the project. I love getting together with the creative team and getting their input on events I have come up with or new ideas for the Beauty School Drop In.

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What tips do you have for anyone wanting to break into the same job role?

Experience experience experience! I did Events Management at University, but where I learnt the most was my work experience I did throughout my work experience year and carried on when I was studying. I worked at 13 festivals each festival season for 3 years and I got to run my own student’s club weekly club night for 6 months. Also, make sure you keep in contact with everyone you meet as it is very much about who you know in the events world.

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If you could swap roles with someone else in the company for a day who would it be and why?

I would like to see what it is like to be a Brand Ambassador for the day. I would love to have all their make-up knowledge and creativity.

What is your favourite Illamasqua product?

The Sculpting Duo. I use it on my cheeks and as my eye shadow. I love it!

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Do you have any makeup tips for us?

Mapping out your eyebrows. When I first learnt this technique it took me 5 mins to do my eyebrows. You use your Angled Brush to measure from your nose to your brow to see where you arch should be and draw it in. I always get the perfect arch now.

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Thank you to Josephine for answering our questions. We hope you enjoyed this insight into Josephine’s role as much we did!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert