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Meet The Team: Illamasqua Debenhams Birmingham

We speak to the Illamasqua Debenhams Birmingham about their favourite products, looks and all things Illamasqua


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What drew you to working in beauty?

APRIL: Makeup was always and is still a passion of mine and I always knew I wanted to work on a makeup counter – I love making customers feel more confident about themselves with makeup.

RYTIS: I always been fascinated by beauty industry, I love makeup and having the chance to meet different people every day and advise them on any makeup concerns they have, it’s always exciting.

CHETNA: Making customers feel good about themselves and delivering exceptional customer service. Also make-up itself and being creative.


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If you were trapped on a desert island and could only use one Illamasqua product which one would it be?

APRIL: It has to be my FAV product by Illamasqua and that is the [mwi-product sku=”03165″ type=”add” ]. It’s the perfect contour shade or eye shadow base and lipstick for me! I cannot live a day without it.
RYTIS: Definitely [mwi-product sku=”02280″ type=”add” ], it contains Micro Algae, Vitamin C and B3 leaving my skin hydrated and looking fabulous.
CHETNA: [mwi-product sku=”02280″ type=”add” ]to keep my skin hydrated and looking amazing.

“…we are proud of what we stand for and what we believe in. Teaching customers to express themselves is extremely rewarding.”



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What is your favourite thing about working for Illamasqua?

PRIL: SELF EXPRESSION – to be proud of who you are and not being afraid to show it on counter.

RYTIS: The ability to visually express myself the way I want and working with an exceptionally creative team.

CHETNA: Everything! The products and services we offer customers are like no other brand and we are proud of what we stand for and what we believe in. Teaching customers to express themselves is extremely rewarding.

Who or what inspires your own individual look?

APRIL: MUSIC and FILM – I am a massive fan of 80’s music and film and I feel this influences me in my style.

RYTIS: I’ve always been inspired by Mario Dedivanovic’s flawless makeup style, also my co-workers April and Chetna inspire me with the striking looks they come up with.

CHETNA: Colour! Colour makes me happy and allows me to be playful and let my creativity flow. It allows me to express my individuality.

Illamasqua Debenhams Birmingham

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