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Meet the Team: Carolina Esteve

Meet the Team

Carolina Esteve

We caught up our Technical and Quality Manager, Carolina, to find out more about the importance of her role within the business and a little more about her beauty favourites!

Can you sum up for us what your role as Technical and Quality Manager involves?

My responsibility is ensure all of our products are compliant with the different Regulations in each country that includes formulation, packaging…etc… I act as the point of contact for all technical and legal aspects of Illamasqua products. The quality part of my role is make sure all of Illamasqua products meet and exceed quality expectations and fix any quality issues we could have.


What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

A day in the office is always very different :). It includes checking ingredients of our products and discussing with our suppliers any reformulation needed to improve existing products or meet our legal requirements for new launches, prepare any type of documentation for Registration, as well as attend to any technical questions from the Customer service department or any possible dissatisfaction with a product. In my day to day, it is always really important to be aware and study any possible update or new Regulation in the cosmetics field.


What do you love most about working at Illamasqua?

I love to work for a brand that don’t support animal testing at all….I’m so proud of it! I also love how much creativity you can see in this brand!

For anyone wanting to break into a similar job role as you, what advice do you have?

I think a good base is really important, I’ve studied a University degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Cosmetology and Dermopharmacy….In my role you have to know about microbiology, toxicology, laws…and be ready to implement your knowledge every day!


If you could swap roles with somebody in the company for the day, who would it be and why?

I think our PR team do great work, I would love to be aware of and work in the current trends, and have such amazing communication skills…I love our events planner work also…would be amazing to be able to organize and create an event in those lovely venues as she does!

What is the one beauty product you couldn’t live without?



Finally, what is your favourite Illamasqua product?

I love so many Illamasqua products and I can tell you how good are they! I think my 3 favourites are Glamore Lipstick in Vampette, Hydra Veil and Illamasqua brushes!


Is this a role that you’ve thought about going into? We hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into Carolina’s role here at Illamasqua.

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