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Meet the Team: Maisy – Illamasqua Selfridges Oxford Street


Hi Maisy! We’ve been a fan of your work on instagram for a while now.
Can you tell us, how did you first get into make-up?

Heyyy! Well I’ve always been interested in art as I am not very academic so I really enjoyed
art in school, I then took art and photography in college and loved it. In school, I used to experiment
with makeup all the time and was always getting into trouble for wearing too much! As I had an
interest in both art and makeup I put the two together and decided I wanted this to be a part of
my career! So I applied for a job on a makeup counter and amazingly I got the job without any
experience, just photographs of my own makeup. This is where I learnt the most and after a couple
of months I knew this is what I wanted to do forever!


How did you come to work for Illamasqua in our Oxford Street, Selfridges store?

I’ve always been such a fan of you guys and am always looking on your Instagram and website
so I thought I would see if you had any vacancies and you did! I also follow Julian the founder of the brand
on Instagram, he had re-posted some of my work before so I thought I would ask him for a few tips
to help me get the position. With his help I did and I’m soo happy to be working for you.

What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

Love what you do, work hard and be confident!

Our Oxford Street, Selfridges store is an exciting and busy store,
what do you enjoy most about the job?

Well I am really new but I have to say the atmosphere is always up-beat and happy!
I love doing makeovers and giving people advice and tips.


Which is your favourite Illamasqua product and why?

Hmmm I think it would have to be Hydra Veil!
Working on a counter is hard work and your skin definitely suffers from applying and
taking off so much makeup every day, Hydra Veil feels soo good when you put it on. It makes
your skin feel refreshed and hydrated it’s almost like giving your skin a nice cold drink lol!


Do you a favourite beauty tip/fact to share with us?

Express yourself with makeup but always remember you are beautiful
for who you are as a person.

What can we expect to see popping up on you instagram in the near future?

Hopefully I will be doing some tutorials.
And obviously some crazy makeup looks as per usual.

You can follow Maisy on her instagram @maisyreisermakeup as well as our Founder,
Julian @juliankynaston and of course @illamasqua.

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