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Meet Jordan Bone #MyBeautifulStruggle

Hi Jordan,

It’s great to get a chance to ask you some questions about your life, success and of course, makeup!
Your success and talent can be found all over the Internet, but looking back to when you were unaware of the success’
ahead of you, what made you want to start up a YouTube channel?

Initially, I started my YouTube channel to inspire people through positivity videos. I used to be depressed until I discovered meditation through YouTube which turned my life around. Therefore, I wanted to help others so I would sit at my webcam with bad lighting and just chat. After a couple of years I decided that I would branch out and take YouTube more seriously, buy a decent camera, as opposed to my webcam, and create makeup tutorials. I always want to have a positive aspect to my videos, even in my makeup tutorials. When I created the ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ video I hoped it would inspire people, but I had no idea that it would reach so many.

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Now that you have come so far from then, what is your favourite thing about being a beauty guru across the digital sphere?

The fact that so many people message me saying how much my story has inspired them to live a more positive life is by far my favourite thing. To reach so many people, all over the world, whilst I’m just sat in my bedroom creating these videos is crazy but so amazing. Making a positive difference to even just one person’s life is important to me.

Do you have a favourite Illamasqua product? If so, which one and why?

I’m obsessed with the skin base foundation as it makes your skin look so flawless but not cakey. So happy I discovered it. I also adore the furore pigment – I love applying this to my cheekbones as it gives me such an intense highlight.

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You have been an inspiration to many, especially since your recent video #MyBeautifulStruggle went viral.
Here, you told the world about being tetraplegic, the struggles you overcame and how it hasn’t stopped you from achieving amazing things.
Who is/are your biggest inspiration(s)?

Right now I have felt so much love from my subscribers. Their kind and supportive comments have given me courage to continue to be brave and strive for success. So, I’d have to say that they are my inspiration.

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As you love to motivate as well as create beautiful looks, do you have a favourite motto or quote you personally live by?

I think ‘If you believe you will achieve’ is such a fab quote and so true. If you truly believe in yourself you can achieve anything!

Thank you for your time Jordan, and for being such a beautiful person inside and out. Jordan was part of our instagram series ‘Inspirational Instagrammers‘, check it out!

Watch Jordan’s #MyBeautifulStruggle:

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