Manicure Monday: 9th March 2015

Mani Monday

Our TOP nail picks this week…

Melissa used the water marbling technique for these beautiful pastel nails! For this effect drop nail varnishes in Nomad, Cameo and Harem into a bowl of water and use a cocktail stick to create a pattern. You then slowly put your nail into the water lifting the nail varnish out on top of the nail, remove any excess on the skin using the cocktail stick. Repeat on all nails and voila, a simple way to create an intricate looking pattern!


We love these check nails by the talented Margaret. Recreate this look by firstly painting nails using a green nail varnish such as Nomad, next take a red such as Throb with a striping brush for the first layer of check. For the black, Margaret used nail varnish in Scorn (a black matte) with a fine brush for precise detail, why not try our Fine Liner Brush for this?


How baaa-eutiful are these sheep nails by Danielle? As a base she used nail varnish in Speckle (which is currently our product of the month, read more about our speckled nail varnishes here). For the sheep we suggest using our Precision Inks for fine detailing. Start with the shade Scribe to create the wooly coats, and Abyss for the legs and head. Finish off using our Matte Top Coat and there you have it, fun spring nails!

nailsbydaniellet speckle

Stamping is hugely popular in the world of nail art and Nadia shows us how beautiful it can look! She started by painting her nails with Cameo and then opted for detailing on her middle and ring fingers. For the feather stamping Nadia used nail varnishes in Noble (turquoise blue), Nomad (bright jade), Jo’mina (electric lilac) and Harem (bright mauve pink). nadioula_ cameo

Tape can make nail art so much easier, here Cassie created different shapes for colourful summer-ready nails! First up, paint your nails with a bright yellow such as ours in Rare. When the nails are completely dry begin to plot patterns on the nails using striping tape or thinly cut sellotape, carefully paint using nail varnish in Harem and peel off for perfectly straight lines!

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Have a great week!



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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