Manicure Monday: 26th January

Mani Monday

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, as always it went way too fast! To brighten up being back at work/college/school on this chilly Monday morning we have more nail art inspiration for you.

First up, Rachel created these amazing purple leopard print nails. She used nail varnish in Jo’mina and then sponged on Cameo for a more texturised, colourful base. For the leopard print, use a white nail varnish dotted over the nail and finish with Precision Ink in Abyss for the black detail, the small brush enables you to focus on detail. To hold this all in place add a layer of Top Coat for a lasting shiny finish.

cat_rave cameo jomina

Marla created this fab tribal look using all Illamasqua varnishes. Begin by paint coloured stripes on your nail in horizontal lines, here Marla used Harem (bright mauve pink), Rare (bright neon yellow), Noble (turquoise blue) and Gamma (neon orange). Then use a black nail varnish such as ours in Boosh with a small brush to create the tribal detail over the top.


 How cool is this pastel ombre look that Vivian created? To recreate this look start by using nail varnish in Harem to paint near the cuticle and the top third of the nail, move on to use a  pastel yellow nail varnish such as Load and blend with a clean damp sponge, continue with a blue pastel colour on the tip of the nail and again blend with a clean area of sponge. Fancy mixing up the colours? We have a wide range of varnishes available here in different finishes including rubber, matte and glossy.



Purple leopard print nails seem popular this week and Ruth has also created a fun design using Jo’mina. Use a range of purple shades to recreate this look with a gradient on one edge of the nail. Ruth used Jo’mina for the dots before using a black nail varnish to define them and dots.

ohnoitsruthio jo'mina

The stamping trend continues this week with Margaret using one over the top of our gorgeous nail varnish in Facet. Just one layer of this and you have party perfect nails!

m_a_tom facet


Some fantastic looks this week and I for one am feeling very inspired, are you? Continue to send in amazing nail art and # us Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for us to!

Have a great week!



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert