Manicure Monday: The Sacred Hour Special!

With the new Illamasqua collection ‘The Sacred Hour’ going live today, this weeks Manicure Monday will focus on the two nail varnishes from the collection, Facet and Hemlock.

Facet is a beautiful grey crystal colour and Hemlock is a pale opal green iridescent varnish. Here are some images featuring the two varnishes that have caught our eye…

The first is from Laura Lou Beauty who decided to pair Facet and Hemlock together to create an amazing iridescent grey which can be seen on the nail to the far right.


This image from Lucy’s Stash shows how beautiful Hemlock looks alone and also over the top of a black varnish such as Illamasqua’s Boosh.

lucys stash

You can also pair Hemlock with other Illamasqua polishes to create a sparkling iridescent effect. @sara_beauTime paired Hemlock with Obsess to achieve this lovely look below.


We have also been loving the creativity from Fashion Polish who created this amazing tribal nail art using Hemlock.

fashion polish

Another amazing nail art look comes from Beauty Lit from within, who used Hemlock as a base colour to create this amazing cherry blossom nail art look.

beauty lit from within

What do you think of Facet and Hemlock? Please share your images of the new collection with us on Instagram through the hashtag #Illamasqua. I would also love to see any nail art looks you have created using Illamasuqa varnishes and maybe you could feature on next weeks Manicure Monday!

Until next time, Samantha x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert