Manicure Monday: 15th December 2014

Mani Monday

This week we have some more festive nail designs for you!

Mandy’s nails look almost good enough to eat, this time using our Product of the Month: the Nail Duo in Throb and Spartan! These ‘Delicious Christmas Pudding Nails’ are perfect for the party season, start by using Throb followed by a creamy nude for a dripping cream effect and use a dotting tool over the red near to the cuticle. Finish using Spartan for glittery tips!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 14.47.53

These nails done by Heidi, our Social Media Exec were inspired by Santa’s headgear!

She used our Nail Varnishes in Throb to draw on the red lines and Nail Varnish in Scorch for the fluff of the hat (You could also try using Precision Ink in Scribe for this bit!).


If you’re rushing off to a Christmas party and don’t have time for nail art use a festive colour like our Nail Varnish in Rampage like Olga has. We love this simple mani with glitter added for a more festive feel. Why not use our nail varnish in Blizzard over the top for the effect of snow?! Quick and simple christmas nails in a matter of minutes!


Sticking with the theme of Christmas colours, we love Margaret‘s festive twist on tartan. She used our Nail Varnish in Throb as a base colour before using Radium for the green crosses. Use our Matte Top Coat for a shine free finish and then like Margaret use Nail Varnish in Swinger for a touch of gold shimmer.


How cute are Sharleen‘s sparkly reindeer nails?! Paint three fingers and your thumb with a red metallic nail varnish like ours in Scarab. For the statement nail use a white base coat followed by a brown such as ours in Taint on the end of the nail to create Rudolph’s face. For the antlers we recommend using our Precision Ink in Wisdom to create thin detailed lines, follow by a layer of Top Coat Nail Varnish to avoid the ink rubbing off.

sharleenmua 12th dec

If you recreate any of these looks or design you own we’d love to see as always! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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