Manicure Monday: 12th May 2014

We begin this week by having a look through all your amazing nail art and manicure looks and picking some of our favourites to share for Manicure Monday. As always we have been so impressed with the intricate designs you have created and your creativity will never fail to amaze us. Keep reading to find out which looks are our favourites and how you could recreate these yourselves!

The first look comes from Lisa on Twitter who shared this FAB leopard print look. Lisa used our Nail Varnish in Throb to create the red detailing on the nails and you could also use Boosh and Monogamous to create the nude and black accents. Pair all of these with some studs and you are ready to go! We love how the studs give a bit of an edge to this look and are perfect to make a nail statement.

lalalacquer @lisahutten67


Another look which we love was shared with us by Aisha on Instagram. Aisha used Viridian to create the metallic green shade on her nails and you could create a similar blue tone using Nail Varnish in Phallic. Begin by painting your nails in Harsh to create the silver glitter base and leaving to dry. Then take some tape and use this to create an ‘x’ shape on the nail. Fill in the triangular gaps with Viridian and Phallic and finally remove the tape to reveal your design.



The third look was shared with us by Jillian on Instagram. Jillian created this simple but stunning floral look using Nail Varnish in Collide as a bright pink base on the nails. You could use Precision Ink in Scribe to create the white floral detailing on the nail and seal this into place using Top Coat.



Another look which caught our eye was this tribal style design from Jen on Instagram. To create a similar look to Jen’s manicure begin by painting all nails in Nail Varnish in Boosh to create a black base. Then once this is completely dry go in with Precision Ink in Scribe, perfect for helping you create the finer white pattern!



And finally last but certainly not least is this vintage floral design from Krysta. Krysta used Nail Varnish in Cameo to create the lighter blue shade within her nail art look. Pair Cameo with Phallic and Boosh to create the flowers and Precision Ink in Scribe to create the pin stripes on the ring finger.



What do you think of these designs? Which nail art look will you be creating yourselves? If you do recreate any of these looks yourselves or any other nail art / manicures be sure to share a picture with us on social media. #Illamasqua on Instagram, @Illamasqua on Twitter or post a photo on our Facebook wall and you could feature in next weeks Manicure Monday post!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert