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This week, we are super excited to reveal that we have teamed up with the extremely talented illustrator, Hattie Stewart and Stylist magazine to bring to life the creative collision of make-up and illustration.

Describing herself as a ‘professional doodler’, Hattie takes a unique approach to illustrations, creating playful designs that entwine pop culture with famous stars. Quirky and eccentric, Hattie’s work conveys a point of difference and when we teamed up with Stylist to bring together the fusion of make-up and illustration, there could not have been a better fit!        

“I have drawn from a very young age. Over the years and especially through my education I have experimented with many different creative avenues, however I always came back to doodling and drawing – it’s what has always underpinned my creativity. As my work has developed and my confidence has grown I’ve been able to take my drawing style into a new territory.” 

Hand-Painting   Lip-Service

When merging her talents with beauty, Hattie sees a strong connection between the powers of illustration and make-up.

“It is all relative really isn’t it? Working within beauty is an exciting direction for my work as make-up can be used to create another ‘self’. It’s a tool for reinvention. It links with what I do within my creative practise – ‘doodlebombing’- which essentially is taking a pre-existing canvas and reinventing its personality.”

Approached by Stylist to create a beauty shoot inspired by her creations, Hattie was really excited to be able to showcase her work through the medium of make-up.

Nikki-Minaj    Kim-K-Rolling-Stone

“I was really excited because this entire concept is something I have wanted to do for a while. I felt really lucky to have been given the platform to work on this scale and it has opened up many more ideas for what I can do within beauty. I’ve always been really open to what and where I can apply my drawing style and I think this is a really exciting direction.”

With our Head of Training Clare Lille on board to bring Hattie’s designs to life, we got straight to work on three different looks. The first consisted of a bold lip and rainbow tears, where Clare had to work with an array of colours to create a variety of ‘paints’.


“The first thing I did was start mixing. I used Powder Eye Shadows in Hype, Toxic, Daemon and Anja then mixed them with Sealing Gel to create paint like texture. I stuck to Hattie’s design using a lip brush to carefully paint onto the face, taking the design down onto the neck. Stylist also wanted a strong beauty story to follow throughout the shoot so we added a matte burgundy lip using Lip Pencil in Severity and NEW Glamore Lipstick in Vega. I loved creating this look; it really shows the high level of pigment and versatility of our products.”

Next up was an incredibly intricate look that involved drawing cartoon styled eyes on the side of the models face – a signature style within Hattie’s work.


“Metallic bronze eyes were the beauty focus for this look, so we used Enrapture, a beautiful burnt copper shade from our Liquid Metal Palette mixed with a sneak peek of NEW product, The Corruptor (launching February 2016).  I used my thumb to create large sweeping strokes across the lid with Enrapture and then added The Corruptor to create a glossy finish. Hattie’s illustration was then added using Powder Eye Shadow in Sex mixed with Sealing Gel to create the white of the cartoon eyes. Precision Ink in Abyss was then used to add the detailing as its fine tipped nib allows for ultra-precise application.”

The third and final look was galaxy inspired and we created this effect across the whole face.


“This look had a 1960’s retro-futurism feel to it. Stylist loved the idea of creating a double winged liner and then adding Hattie’s swooshing design around it. I used Precision Gel Liner in Infinity to create the double winged line and the black swirl design. I then added the star detailing with Precision Ink in Scribe and Hattie’s famous brow detail with Precision Ink in Abyss.”

In all, we had a fantastic day with the Stylist team and of course Hattie. It was an honour to take her creations and bring them into the beauty spotlight.

“I had so much fun,” says Hattie. “It was nice for me to be out of the studio as when I’m conceptualising my work I usually work in isolation. It was great to bounce off ideas with a big team of extremely talented people. I loved it and I hope to have the opportunity to do it all over again!”

To see the shoot, pick up a copy of Stylist in major UK cities tomorrow!

To see more of Hattie’s work, visit her website here.

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