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“Their main function is to prevent sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket.” However, I am sure we can all agree it’s definition has been slightly altered.

Today I am going to discuss the history and popular culture of eyebrows. I strongly believe that defined eyebrows make a face and truly finish off any make-up look. I, for one, could never leave the house without sculpting a new set of brows on. After all, eyebrows are put on our faces to show facial expression as well. My friends often joke around with me that if I am in a bad mood I have drawn on angry eyebrows that day!

Take a look at this collage. It is mad to think that these two pictures were only taken a year apart. In left one, taken during my first year at University, I would say I look like a thumb. Practically no eyebrows and – frankly – I look a bit scary. (You can even see where my foundation has gone into my eyebrows and turned them grey, CRINGE!) The one on the right, however, I can remember thinking that maybe I overloaded with the pencil a tad. For any other eyebrow fanatics, you can relate to the frustration when your eyebrows fail to look the same. The well known saying springs to mind “Eyebrows should be sisters not twins.”  However, I am sure we would all love perfectly identical eyebrows.

It’s interesting to see how eyebrows have become so popular in media today. The legendary ‘Scouse brow’ has journeyed through the country and big brows are a frequent sight amongst  a wide range of celebrities… to name a few:

However, bold brows have not just appeared on the big screen; they’re making their mark in the fashion world. Big eyebrows are frequently displayed on the catwalks. Chanel wowed us with this statement look in their Fall 12 catwalk. I remember feeling mesmerised by these embellished beauties.

(Me and Rose had some fun today recreating the bejeweled eyebrow look, what do you think?)


Model of the moment Cara Delevingne is so known for her eyebrows they even have their own Twitter account! (Check it out!) The beautiful face of Burberry pulls off brilliantly a look that many would struggle to.

However, fashioning eyebrows is not a new thing. Look back in legendary beauty; Cleopatra and Ancient Egyptians were both famously know for their ebony arched brows. Their journey into eye make-up was not only for fashion but also cultural beliefs. Many would darken their eye brows with materials to warn off evil spirits and would shave off their eyebrows in the event of a cats death.

During the reign of Elizabeth I, a pale, egged-shaped brow was all the range, and many would shave off their entire eyebrows and paint a line over.

I recently saw Kelly Osbourne photographed with bleached white eyebrows. Each to their own – good on her for going out with such a bold, daring look. What do you look think? Somebody has to start off the trend and who knows… this might be the next big thing after the ‘Scouse brow’?

The pain we put our eyebrows through; tweezing, waxing, threading, tinting even tattooing and all to have well groomed brows! I definitely think it’s a worthy investment. Eyebrows are one of the first features other people notice about us. We use foundation to cover our bags, mascara to open our eyes we need something, whether it be a pencil or shadow to lift and define our eyebrows. Otherwise it is like leaving a painting half finished.

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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