Loved By Lou – What’s Your Birthstone Product?

Being an October baby myself, I am the… I’ll be honest with you, uglier gem Opal. I remember when I was younger my mum treated me and my sisters to some birthstone jewelry and I looked in disgust at mine and greened with envy at my Sister’s pretty Sapphire and Ruby jewels. But who said these colours have to stay in jeweled form? I have compiled a Birthstone list and put an Illamasqua products to each birthstone colour. Find your birthstone!



January- Garnet

Nail Varnish in Charisma

February- Amethyst

Cream Pigment in Depravity

March- Aquamarine 

Pure Pigment in Chasm

April- Diamond

Nail Varnish in Harsh

May- Emerald

Powder Eye Shadow in Permission

June- Pearl

Gleam in Aurora


Cream Blusher in Brazen

August- Peridot 

Intense Lipgloss in Shoot

September- Sapphire

Pure Pigment in Alluvium

October- Opal

Nail Varnish in Hemlock

November- Citrine

Lipstick in Flare

December- Topaz 

Medium Pencil in Debonair

So what Illamasqua birthstone will be wearing to symbolize your month?

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert