Loved By Lou: Kardashian Make-up Style

The Kardashian sisters are constantly in the lime light, whether it be for their outrageous behavior, sex tapes or new clothing line. As much as I hate a famous for being famous celebrity I have to admit the Kardashian sisters have one of the best make-up styles that pop up in today’s media. It’s very bold, defined and striking. Never bland or ordinary.



Kim is renowned  with her outstanding contouring skills. Sliming nose and popping cheekbones, her face always looks so defined and structured. She often opts for a nude lip, which looks best as her eyebrows are quite strong along with gorgeous rows of luscious lashes. If I was to send Kim any Illamasqua goodies it would definitely have to be Rich Liquid Foundation for her flawless complexion, Cream Pigment in Hollow to contour and Sheer Lipgloss in Artifice for a soft shiny lip.







Kourtney, often goes for a natural make-up look, being blessed with tanned, Armenian skin her complexion appears very soft and radiant with a slight glow and slightly blushed cheeks. However I love it when Kourtney puts on a statement lip, it completely transforms her entire look, especially when she goes for an up do. Check out this picture the intense black and flamboyant red looks amazing on her, I love it! If I was to send Kourtney anything from here at Head Office it would have to be Gleam in Aurora for a dewy effect and Lipstick in Box for when she shakes up a more glamorous look.




Khloe pulls of a smokey eye brilliantly, she has beautifully green eyes and the emerald simply shines through the intense dark colours. She often opts for a dusty feline look and doesn’t always stay safe with a standard black eye. Blue eyeshadows is one of my biggest make-up cringes, I don’t know why I just think it’s so 90’s. But Khloe embraces the daring colours and pulls it off so well. Her trick is all in the blending! Like her sisters she has strong brows and always has a high beam shine underneath to separate the eyes from the eyebrows, to avoid a heavy look. If I was putting together Khloe a bag I’d put in a Blending Brush 1, Complement Palette and Pure Pigment in Furore to highlight.


Love them or hate them, you have to admit their make-up styles always look flawless, hats off to their make-up artists!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert