Loved By Lou: Back to the Classics

I know it’s not in typical Illamasqua fashion to say less is more but sometimes, when executed correctly, all you need is one focus point. In this week’s Loved By Lou I will be discussing the classic red lip.

Being the history nerd that I am I decided to do a bit of background research on this look. I came across some interesting facts about the red lip and why it was introduced to popular culture all those years ago. The colour red symbolises sexual desire and attraction. Red lips were actually brought into fashion to emulate the woman’s vagina, generating an appealing lust to who ever locks eyes upon the person wearing red lipstick. During the Elizabethan era an ivory white complexion was extremely popular as this reflected a person’s wealth. Tanned people were associated with working outside in the sun and were therefore poorer. Having bright red lips made the skin appear even paler in comparison.



Modeled by so many celebrities today it’s an extremely popular look, but what makes it such a classic look that doesn’t seem to be fading out of fashion?

It certainly flatters other features of your face. Specific shades of red can bring out the blue in your eyes or really flatter your hair colour. It’s just all about finding the right shade that makes you look more like America’s Next Top Model not BoBo the clown.

It can jazz up any outfit! If I’m going out and find myself head to toe in black a red lip can turn this look from funeral undertaker to chic glam!

If it’s one thing I’ve learnt whilst working at Illamasqua it’s dare to be different. Red lips is a cool look and I am sure the first group of people who wore bright red lips turned some heads. Probably how Apocalips does today, but to our dedicated fans who love to rock the blue/green lips just remember the “freaks” that walked around wearing the first bright red lips started the long running trend. So embrace the bold lip and try some different colours. I remember on my first week here I wore purple lipstick out and I thought everyone would be staring at me now I love going out with a darker lip and so many of friends say how great it looks on me. As brilliantly pigmented and long wearing as our lipsticks are though it’s defienitely the confidence that comes along with it, so embrace other colours orange, black, pink? Why not… start a trend!


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert