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Working for Illamasqua I am sometimes overwhelmed by the the amount of incredible products I come in contact with every day. From new collection releases to products discontinued from years ago. One of the great things working for the fastest growing make-up company in the world is not only witnessing these amazing products, but seeing the innovative ideas and imagination that goes behind each product. Before my internship I had never heard of Illamasqua, but I think of how far we have come as a company in the past four years.

Starting with our distinctive packaging; a sleek, glossy black finish that radiates sophistication and style. Our campaign imagery is none like I have ever seen before. Loud, bold colours, that is perhaps viewed by some as weird and bizarre, in captures the artistic and creative nature of the brand. They are different and eccentric but in my opinion are far more interesting to look at than a celebrity showing you a look that you will never be able to achieve (despite what the brand may tell you.) Now on to the actual products themselves. The quality is one of the things that probably shocked me most about the brand. From the outstanding chip-resistant nail polishes, immensely pigmented blushes and high coverage, our award winning Skin Base Foundation, offers, it still amazes me how more people do not about Illamasqua.

Today I have asked some of the girls in the office; what is your all time favourite Illamasqua product and tell us exactly why they love it so much:


PR Manager Nicola Thornton 

“I love Skin Base because it buffs into the skin seamlessly and doubles up as a concealer.”

PR Executive Melanie Green 

“I love this vibrant red pencil, it gives me a striking red pout packed with
power and it lasts all day.”

PR Intern Jade Marie Craig 

“I’ve never been a big fan of bright or dark coloured lipsticks because I’ve never thought they suited me so I’ve always stuck to a plain nude one, but when I was introduced to Magnetism I fell in love! It’s such an intense, gorgeous colour, the consistency is so smooth and creamy that it just glides on. Plus, it totally glams up the simplest looks… I’ll never leave the house without it!”

Josephine O’Brien Office Manager and Event Co-Ordinator

“My favourite piece is Precision Ink in Havoc because it’s not as harsh as a black liner and it really brings out the blue in my eyes!”

Rose Gallagher, Social Media Manager

“Without a doubt my favourite product is Gleam in Aurora. I love a fresh, dewy base and this can be used mixed into foundation or alone as a highlighter to give instantly radiant skin.” 

My all time favourite product has to be Pure Pigment in Furore, I always wear gold jewellery and the gorgeous champagne colour tops off my look perfectly. It’s my favourite thing to add to a smokey eye. It can also be used as highlighter on your cheeks, it’s so versatile!

So what’s your favoruite Illamasqua product, we’d love to know?

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Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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