Lovebox: Out and Out Fierce!

On Sunday 17th July, the Illamasqua Art Team headed to East London to take part in London’s biggest festival – Lovebox.

Friday had been sunny, Saturday had been pretty wet and so by the time it got to Sunday the park resembled a boggy marsh… but did that stop the fun? Hell no!

With a cracking line up including the legendary Blondie [see below!], Kelis, Robyn, Scissor Sisters, Jodie Harsh’s Circus and Scottee’s Eat Your Heart Out, the fiercest partiers in London descended upon the stages for a no-holds-barred, hedonistic party!

Our Art Team [Leena from Selfridges Trafford, Charlotte from Debenhams Cardiff and Mika from our Flagship Beak Street store] created some fabulous looks for the likes of Jodie Harsh’s This Is Circus team [seen above, from L-R Alex – Junior Brand Manager, Jodie Harsh, Leena, Mika, Melanie Blatt – ex-all saints singer who has a fantastic new track out soon with DJ Kris di Angelis, Mel’s daughter and Charlotte], and Scottee’s Eat Your Heart Out Team.

We also created the startling looks for performance artists ‘Figs In Wigs’ – a performance troupe from East London who describe their dances as “somewhere between dance and physical theatre – and both done badly! We take everyday movements and transform them in to dance.”

What did they think of their looks courtesy of the Illamasqua Art Team? “Amazing. It’s great! I loved that we started with beautiful sexy smoky eyes and then kind of ruined it with a thick blue monobrow! And the brushes… they are so soft, it felt like Leena was stroking my face with them and I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep”.

I can identify with that, by the time I was speaking with them I actually thought that the backstage tent was going to blow away in the torrential rain and wind!

We had a great time, and are all looking forward to next year!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert