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London Fashion Week Day 1 : Backstage with Mark Fast

Day 1 of London Fashion Week and we have a makeup-packed day of shows. We’ll be taking you through the looks created for each show, what went on backstage and share the products we used so you can recreate the catwalk look for yourself!

We are up early and backstage at Mark Fast, as we walk in there is a calm feeling around the room, models laughing and joking as the teams are doing the makeup, nails and hair around them.  The look and vibe is clear as soon as you walk in, a mix of bright green and purple eyes with contrasting pops of colour on the cheeks.

‘I used our soon to be released Electro Tartan Palette, took the acid greeny shade from the side of the nose all the way up to the hair line, all over the eyelid. Then a dark green, which is a lot more intense in the corner of the eye and underneath and pulled it to the side. Then popped a white eyeliner in side, it’s very 80’s! Then our Creme Blusher in Laid, which is a blueish pink for the cheeks for the contrast. Then on the lips, nothing just some moisture and kept them very natural along with groomed eyebrows. Then for the purple eyes, different colour same palette – the Christmas palette. Neon Pink, again all over the eyelid up to the eyebrow and up to the hair line. Then took the purple for underneath and the corner. For the clashing eye and cheek combo, I took our Vapour Powder Eye Shadow which is like a tangerine yellow and actually an eye shadow but I used it as blusher or highlighter. So the idea is both of them are really clashing, like the orangey yellow with the purple lid and pink.’

Pablo Rodriguez, Director or Artistry for Illamasqua


Once the make up, hair and all the touch ups were done it was it was show time. Neon snake print was a clear running theme through the outfits; Mixed with various bright colours, textures and even hints of neon through the hair with gel or in forms of bobbles paired with long plaits, loose pony tails or  tight buns. The bright eye and cheek combo but neutral face and the males fresh faced look complimented the vibe and mix of clothing being showcased, amazing work from Mark Fast and our Illamasqua team.

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See you at the next show!

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