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Last year I walked through the doors of the extremely hectic Illamasqua, terrified was an understatment. It was my first internship and experience in the big wide world. I was leaving university including the sunny beach of Bournemouth and moving back home to London to join Illamasqua’s Social Media team. I still couldn’t believe I had been chosen for the role, I remember stressing out until the early hours of the morning deciding what to wear. Through no purpose, as I write this post I am ending my last day of placment wearing the same top from Zara as I did on my first day. So what has my Illamasqua experience taught me?

First of all make-up itself! I look back at pictures of myself now and think what did my make-up look like. I’ve learnt so many tricks that are now part of my daily make-up routine. I definitely had to invest in a larger make-up bag whilst working here and I know find myself spending a lot longer doing my make-up than before.


When I think of internships I think of tea making, post duties and photo-copying, this is far from the internship I experience. In my first week I was thrown in the deep end as our Press and Blogger Generation Q event took place and as I am ending we are in the run up of our Summer13 Paranal event. It is mad to think that during my placment I have worked on six collections! I still don’t think I can pick a favourite! The I’mPerfection Blogger and Press event is definitely up there with my placment highlights! I had already been working for Illamasqua for nine months and it was such an exciting challenge to represent the brand and showcase the collection to bloggers.

Illamasqua has come to far in such a short amount of time and I am so proud to be a part of it’s journey. I started in a small team of three which saw our lovely Exective Hayley move departments, my amazing manager Alex leaving for maternity leave and the arrival of my brilliant new manager Rose. Working in such a small team I have been at the forefront of such a dynamic brand and fast growing medium, that is Social Media. I have run the department for two weeks on my own, and definitely shoved the phrase ‘Acting Social Media Manager’ down anyone’s throat that would listen.

I have been extreamly fortune to have taken part in many internal and external events that Illamasqua have worked with. Places I have never been before, my internship has allowed me to travel to Liverpool and Manchester. I was able to asist on shoots for our Halloween and Christmas looks. Documenting the events through films and videos really putting my creative flare to use.


I am so excited to see where Illamasqua will be in a couple of years to come, already in four years it has come so far and I could not think of a better place of where to have started my career in. I will be very sad to leave but I will never forget what I have learnt and the amazing people I have met along the world.





Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert