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PR Intern Kirsty bids farewell to Illamasqua

As I sit here in my last week I can’t believe how quickly my time here has gone!

I cannot come to terms with the fact that next week I won’t be waking up and getting the 08:00 train and walking through the Illamasqua HQ doors on Amwell Street (sob). I have been so incredibly lucky to be a part of the brand and I have absolutely loved every minute of it – I don’t want to leave!

Since starting my placement last July it is crazy how much I have experienced and learnt.

Within my first month at Illamasqua I worked at The Sacred Hour launch in Selfridges, which I absolutely loved! This was my first ever press launch and so it is one that I will never forget.

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Another amazing memory is the Glamore press launch which was so pink, girly and glittery I never wanted to leave! This collection was completely different to The Sacred Hour, so I have been really lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of the process of two completely different launches coming together – it has definitely taught me a lot!

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The amazing experiences I have had this year wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing team who go above and beyond every single day! Working in a fast paced environment that is constantly on the go has taught me skills that I will take on into my future career.

My placement would not have been the same without Nicola and Sarah who are the most understanding, encouraging and hard -working managers anyone could ask for – they have taught me so much about EVERYTHING. The Social Media girls, Heidi and Samantha for their funny, kind and loving ways, finally last but not least Josephine who will never fail to put a smile on my face.

A special shout out to Mel, Rose and Alex, who although have left the business never failed to make me laugh out loud seven hours a day!

It has been the best year and I am so sad to be leaving

Love you all!

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Kirsty x

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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