Katy Perry – Get the look

Katy Perry is looking fierce at the moment, rocking her “I’m newly single and I don’t care” look. She took to the stage on Saturday night’s Let’s Dance for Sports Relief dancing with lazers, wearing a Marvel comic character-esque 2 piece. She’s known for her wild candy wigs but has gone more “natural” with a blue bob. I for one love it. Very Illamasqua! Our new Human Fundamentalism collection showcasing everything from a dip-dye chicken to a teal curly wig!

Katy’s going all gothic on us these days, has she been using the Sophie-I Technique?

Eyes – 

Sketch along the inside socket line of the eye, stopping half way in, with the black Sophie Medium Pencil (£3 from every Sophie pencil sold goes to the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation). Buff along the pencil line with Illamasqua’s Eye Shadow Brush to soften and blend.

Blend Illamasqua’s NEW rich black Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian with an Eye Shadow Brush over the previous black Sophie Pencil line, gently blending the colour outwards and upwards. Blend any sharp lines with Illamasqua Blending Brush I. For an extra gothic edge, gently apply Obsidian underneath the lower lashes with a fine brush. Our Head of Professional, Spob O’Brien, recommends using a Lip Brush for this.

Next, mix Illamasqua Sealing Gel with Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian to create a water-resistant paste. With the Illamasqua Angled Eye Liner Brush, apply the paste in a fine line along the lash line. Finish with lashings of Masquara in Raven and a pair of your favourite Illamasqua False Eye Lashes (I recommend number 14) for added vamp-factor.

Skin – (applying your base after your eyes will prevent product falling on top of your prepped, flawless skin.)

Using a Highlighter Brush, buff Skin Base in your chosen shade over the face. Don’t squeeze too much product out at first, a little of this incredible dream foundation goes a long way.

Take Cream Pigment in Emerge and apply with fingers under the eye. This will instantly take away any dark circles and make you look more awake!

With a Blusher Brush, dab Powder Blusher in Katie (yes, it’s just a coincidence) on the apples of the cheeks to add some girlie freshness to an otherwise edgy look.

Lips – 

Keep the lips nude for this particular look to really emphasise the eyes. I recommend our cool candy pink Sheer Lipgloss in Rouse.

Body – 

To replicate Katy’s shimmery skin, smother yourself with Illumine Oil in Volt. I usually apply it using Illamasqua’s Kabuki Brush.

And there you have it. An edgy, girly, gothic creation!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert