Just brow-zing

I’ve never had eye brows. Well that’s not strictly true, but they’ve certainly never been a feature on my face being so blonde and having sported a thick fringe my whole life. Great, I thought, one less task to add to my morning make-up routine and one less area to get waxed! Great, I thought… until now.

Every month when my fringe is approaching the “unacceptably long” stage, I go through sleepless nights of – should I trim or grow it out?! I’ve decided to go with the latter this time, just to trial it. For me, Summer 2012 is the season of the  beachy side sweep or the effortless slick back look (similar to the St Tropez posters…of course). So in order for this to work, I’m going to have to succumb to eye brow prep. I’ve booked myself in for a threading appointment and have been testing out different shades of Eye Brow Cake and Powder Eye Shadows. I’ve also invested in one of our incredible Eye Brow Brushes. A good Eye Brow brush is the secret to perfect eye brows, without the right tools they will not look their best.

Left – Eye Brow Cake in Motto, Right – Eye Brow Cake in Thunder.

Eye Brow Cake in Motto is a beautiful warm taupe, perfect for fair hair, loved by blondes everywhere. Mixed with a drop of Sealing Gel, you’ll have smudge proof, waterproof eye brow that lasts all day long. We decided here at HQ that Thunder was slightly too dark for me on a day to day basis, but amazing for a night out.

Powder Eye Shadow in Heroine (below) is also a good, subtle shade for blondes and perfect for a speedy sweep over the brows to give definition.

Experimenting with colour is also fun. Social Media Manager, Alex Cummins insisted on giving me red shimmer eye brows the other day using Pure Pigment in Berber and Sealing Gel. Not what I’d usually go for, but I rather liked them.

But with statement brows making an appearance, I’m tempted to go darker. I like the look of lighter hair and thick dark brows, although the thought of me attempting this petrifies me! They’re a bold statement to make and I’m not sure I can pull off the “Scouse brow” look?!

(Photo courtesy of E4’s Desperate Scousewives.)

I’m sure once my fringe grows out and I become an eye brow expert, I will look just like this…!

I’ve learned that eye brows are imperative to face shaping and done well, they can transform your face. What have I been doing without eye brows all this time?? What do your eye brows mean to you?

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert