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Interview With Stylenoir

Stylenoir the website dedicated to those who worship at the alter of fearless fashion, alternative styles and self expression.

James  [JJ] and Roseanna [RV] granted me an exclusive interview to tell me more about their creative ideas, brand statements and their mysterious alter egos ...

Illamasqua: Stylenoir is an eclectic mix of news, interviews and photo shoots, all with a dark undertone and a nod to alternative glamour. What was the inspiration behind it all?

JJ: Stylenoir was born out of a desire to inspire and impact. To make people think, question their surroundings and never be pulled along with the “crowd”. Stylenoir is the outsider, the outcast as such, which allows it absolute freedom of expression. It has grown in to a place for creativity and individualism. Where you can be extraordinary, a brilliant example to be strong valiant and most importantly true to yourself.

In theme with our creativity, instead of a mission we have the “Stylenoir Woman”‘ an iniquitous creative, a destructive femme fatale with the hidden strength and aggression to ensnare her opponents. Spells of insanity plague her throughout hours of daylight, forced in to the dark, made an outcast, a villain, she lurks as an amalgamation of extraordinary beauty, purity and severe malevolence.

Illamasqua: What do you think Stylenoir and Illamasqua have in common in terms of brand statements?

JJ: F’ashion for the fearless’ and ‘make-up for your alter ego’ cannot be any more entwined. Both Illamasqua and Stylenoir are about expressing your inner-self, not being afraid to be who you really are at the inner core of your being, in a world of creativity and individuality. It’s about self expression and showing the globe your unique identity.

Illamasqua: What have been the most memorable highlights for you inthe Stylenoir journey?

JJ: It depends whether you look at a measure of success or creative satisfaction. The biggest highlight for me personally was our latest ‘Goddess of Night’ photo shoot which is about to be launched. The emotion and sentiment surrounding the concept and what it meant to me personally really took my breath away.

As an experience, it has to be when Virgin Atlantic flew us out in Upper Class style to New York fashion week. It was one of the biggest honours I’ve had, working with Mercedes Benz with the ‘Fashion Force’ concept and ending up gracing the pages of the New York Times was the cherry on the metaphorical cake.

Illamasqua: We encourage exploring your alter ego. Who is your alter ego?

JJ: She is a divine figure, a sultry creature ho has the most majestic, tempting and enticing beauty. A poisonous oasis who cannot be resisted. Her angular, vitriolic eyes mesmerize those she prays on, accentuating her devious nature. Her long arsenic-black hair hypnotic like perfectly formed ripples of water. Eternally cursed by a twisting pain of grief and sorrow. Her eternal allegiance with the darkness makes her untouchable.

RV: He is an elegant and dashing boy, a ‘posh boy’ as such. His history is unknown. There are rumours his father was an enchanter, a magician of sorts. He is a peculiar character; whimsical but shy. Uncommonly gentle in both character and action. Never speaks up to be heard but waiting for those to listen. For his voice may be soft but it always inspires. His eyes are dark and magnetic. His veneer is like a sprinkling of pastel chalk on crushed crystal forming an iridescent, gleaming mirage. A vision so alluring and beautiful that he conjures an illusion of magic, leaving you feeling mystified and spellbound …

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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