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Beauty by Rose: I’m perfection Digital Launch Event

Last Thursday we gave digital press and bloggers an exclusive preview of our latest collection, I’mperfection.

Alex Box, our Creative Director, shared her thoughts and inspirations behind the collection. Have you seen the image of Frankie, the girl in the green gloss? Alex told us that pattern of the hair on her face was inspired by the shapes that are made my hair in the bath.

David Horne, our Manager of Product Development, was on hand to demonstrate our newest innovation – the Blush Up technique. Always one with words, he described our latest blush technique as “a push-up bra for your face”.

Rebecca Wilson and her assistant set up manicure stations to demonstrate our latest Nail Varnish releases. Rebecca’s nail clientele includes everyone from Rihanna to Rita Ora so we felt very lucky to have her! She showed us how to create an ombre effect with our speckled nails… more on those next week.

For I’mperfection, we didn’t want to create a polished campaign video. Instead, we invited our guests to view behind-the-scenes footage of the real faces behind the beauty. No airbrushing, no finishing touches, just beauty in it’s purest form.

We’ve just released I’mperfection… have you explored the collection yet?


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert