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Illamuse: Selina Juul

At Illamasqua we believe in standing up and speaking out against issues that affect our human fundamentals. One of these issues is the environment and how we can limit our impact as humans on the planet.

We love strength and determination, which is why our Illamuse this month is Selina Juul, a woman who changed Denmark’s attitude to food in just five years.

Selina Juul migrated from Russia to Denmark aged just 13. After a short while settling into the Danish way of life, Selina noticed the outrageous amounts of food waste that appeared to be the norm in Denmark. Originating from a country with food shortages and witnessing first hand, such unnecessary waste, she took it upon herself to make a stand.

In 2008, Selina started the Facebook page ‘Stop Wasting Food’. The page explained that food waste is not only wasteful, but disrespectful; It’s a lack of respect for nature, society, food producers, animals, time and money. The following week she was a national figure.

This is where the non-profit Stop Spild Af Mad (Stop Wasting Food) organisation was born. Some of Selina’s work included working alongside three governments to have her voice not only heard, but to actively make and see the changes. She developed an education programme for schools across the country, wrote a ‘leftovers’ cook book and provided over 80,000 ‘doggy bags’ for restaurants.

With the launch of the ‘Stop Wasting Food’ Selina’s first movement tackled supermarkets. Working alongside Danish low-cost supermarket ‘Rema 1000’, the supermarket ditched multi-buy offers and used a ‘take me I’m single’ campaign – reducing waste of bananas by 90%.

The second significant movement addressed the worst culprit, consumers. Us. Once we, the consumers, have our groceries, the supermarkets can no longer control waste. This is where Selina’s international, award-winning ‘leftovers’ cook book is important. The message is simple; Shop wisely, cook wisely, stop wasting food.

After a short five years campaigning, food waste in Denmark was reduced by a massive 25%. Selena’s work was credited by the Danish Government after the dramatic decrease and in this time, she has been awarded several honours and titles including The Outstanding Young Person Award and the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize. Since, Denmark has become one of Europe’s leading countries in the fight against food waste.

‘Stop Spild Af Mad’ is now Denmark’s largest non-profit movement against food waste, founded and developed single-handedly…never underestimate the power of one dedicated and passionate individual.

Find out what you can do to help reduce food waste:

“We are 7 billion people on this planet, of which 925 million are starving. Yet we annually waste 1.3 billion tonnes of food, enough to feed 3 billion people.” Selina Juul

We love strength and determination, which is why our Illamuse this month is Selina Juul, a woman who changed Denmark’s attitude to food in just five years.

As lovers of all living things, Illamasqua strives to be as pure and unobtrusive as we can in the creation of our makeup; we are working hard to find ways of how we can become more sustainable as part of our ongoing campaign to make Illamasqua a truly sustainable and fully humane beauty brand.
Words by Jenna Day

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Nadine Bourne

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