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Illamasqua’s Distinction in Make-up Artistry Award Winner 2011 – Kelly Odell

In October 2011, Illamasqua held the first final of the Illamasqua Distinction In Make-up Artistry Awards, where 12 finalists creatively battled to become the winner of their category. Kelly Odell was Illamasqua’s winner in the Beauty School category. We caught up with Kelly to see how she was getting on after the competition and what she had been up to…..

Why did you apply for the competition?

I applied for the competition because the theme ‘Fantasy’ stuck out to me and I wanted to test new products that I had never used before to create a fantasy character. An idea automatically came to me for the fantasy theme so I thought I would try to execute it and submit it. Also the prizes were an amazing incentive, it is rare to see competitions with such incredible prizes. With the love of Illamasqua’s products and the thought of getting through to the live finals and being judged by Alex Box and Samantha from Pixiwoo was thrilling.
What did you enjoy most about the live competition?
The day was enjoyable, I got to see the other competitors designs and they were all inspirational and so different. I also got to meet the judges who were lovely and put us at ease. The most enjoyable experience was bringing my design to life to be judged on my skills, hardwork and effort, after losing so many sleepless nights, it felt a relief to complete my design ready for judging and to feel proud of what I had created.
How did it feel to win?
To explain what it feels like to win is impossible, my emotions are overwhelmed with the very thought. I still look back now and beam with pride and often get a teary eye. I genuinely couldn’t believe it and just feel so proud and satisfied to know that hard work really does pay off.
What have you been up to since the competition?
Since the competition I have completed and am awaiting the results of my first year on a foundation degree in Artistic Make-up and Special Effects. I have also been a make-up artist for many special occasions, weddings, fashion shows, and photo shoots, with some of my work published in magazines. The most exciting shoot arranged and completed was for the S.O.P.H.I.E. Lancaster Foundation Charity calendar set to be released this year.
What would be your advice for anyone entering the competition this year?
My advice for anyone entering is to be unique, go with your instincts, follow your own style and really imagine where your character belongs and what the character should feel to represent your design. But most of all practice practice practice and practice again!
Good luck to Kelly with her future career in the make-up world. We’re sure this won’t be the last we hear of Kelly Odell…
If you’re keen to learn more about and enter the Illamasqua Distinction in Make-up Artistry Awards Click Here for more details.

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