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Illamasqua Training … An Insider View – Day Three!

As part of my internship with Illamasqua I am taking the three day artistry training course with Key Artist and National Trainer Ross Andrewartha. I was joined by four other lovely ladies who work on an Illamasqua Counter or are going to be soon.


I was very much excited for day three as I knew at the end of the day we had to create a complete look from scratch based on our face charts we created the day before. Click here to see my day two Illamasqua training. The inspiration behind my face chart was the Theatre of the Nameless collection with my use of dark illicit colours, I also wanted my look to be a bit vampy/fairy like. Unfortunatly I forgot to get a photo of the final look but you can get the gist of it below, it’s just missing a liquid line, gorgeous False Eye Lashes in 21 and some added shimmer with Pure Pigment in Breathe.


Here are some photo’s of the girls creating their looks…

Earlier on in the day we created a ‘Morning After’ look which is what we call a ‘day time look’ here at Illamasqua. We had to base in on what our customer wanted in terms of their skin type and colour preference. I wanted a medium coverage so Claire chose to use Skin Base. She chose shade 6.5 which has yellow tones that will match my warm skin tone.

I hope you have all enjoyed an insight in to Illamasqua training!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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