Illamasqua takes over Australia…

In addition to the new Bondi Junction counter, this month we opened Robina and Brisbane (both in Queensland), with Melbourne and Chadstone counters to open soon. As you can imagine it’s been pretty busy getting everything ready, but we’ve had a fantastic reception on all the counters.

The Myer store at Robina on the Gold Coast is a new one, and they had crowds of over 4,000 people moving through the store for a VIP night on the day of the Illamasqua counter opening there. The Illamasqua team was turning out Make-Up lessons and Transformations and had bookings flooding in for School Formals, the Spring Racing Season and already coming in for Christmas!

The Brisbane counter was also jumping as soon as it opened. Queenslanders have been loving the imagery, with one customer remarking “We have never seen anything this bold in Queensland before”, and another customer saying “Queensland has been waiting for a new brand like this to come along for ages.”

One lady completed her personal transformation at Illamasqua in Brisbane. After losing three stone this year and cutting off her waist length hair into an elegant face framing cut, she came to the Illamasqua team for an alternative to the smudgy black eyeliner she had been wearing for years.

The team used Precision Ink for a defined eye and Rude cream blush for a fresh warm finish on her skin. Even though she’d never worn lipstick before she felt brave enough to try “Obey” which complemented her new look perfectly.

Retail Operations Manager for Australia, Gillian Staal says “It’s so rewarding meeting people and changing their look. It’s great to know that you have made a difference in someone’s life.” It’s lovely to be able to see people all over Australia now able to experience Illamasqua first hand for themselves!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert