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Illamasqua Sacred Stones: Behind the Scenes with David Horne

The launch of the new Illamasqua collection The Sacred Hour brings the exciting addition of Sacred Stones. To find out more about the Sacred Stones and how they were made keep reading…


So how were the Sacred Stones made?

David Horne, our Head of New Product Development, met with the team at Swarovski on two occassions to pick the crystals which would make up the collection of Sacred Stones. This means this combination of crystals is a bespoke mixture of shapes and colours which is completely exclusive to Illamasqua.

The Sacred Stones were put together by six of Illamasqua’s most dedicated friends. There were a total of 6 helpers, who gathered at our Flagship Beak Street store on two consecutive Sundays to hand pick and package the stones. Below are some behind the scenes photos of the team in action:

crystal elves


Meet the Sacred Stones…

The selection of stones which make up the Sacred Stones are opals in green, pacific, white and grey, amethyst crystals and golden shadow baguettets. The white opals can be seen in the image below:


Where can you get them?

The Sacred Stones are a great way to add an ethereal dimension to your make-up. Although the stones are made by Swarovski, this combination is completely exclusive to Illamasqua.  The Sacred Stones are now available for purchase online! They come with adhesive glue to apply the stones and a face chart for extra inspiration.


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