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Illamasqua launches Croatia School

Daniel Sallstrom, Key Artist and Educator at the Illamasqua Flagship School of Make-up Art in London headed over to Zagreb, Croatia for the launch of our first European school! We caught up with Daniel for an interview on the launch of the school…


What was the idea behind your trip?

The idea was for me to go over the support the launch of the School and to oversee the teaching of the first courses. We were introducing the excellence of the Flagship School courses to the Zagreb launch.


As one of the Educators of our Flagship school in London, what does your role involve?

My role with my fellow Educator Clare Lille is to design and build on the existing courses and work with the School Director David Horne to develop new courses for students and professional artists. Within the School, the creative hub of Illamasqua, we teach students  top tips and techniques from the very basis of make-up artistry through to how to create the more avant garde and conceptual of looks. Other exciting parts of my role see me supporting the education of other Illamasqua artists and working the fabulous events Illamasqua hosts.


Tell us a little bit about the School in Croatia?

The Croatian school is fantastic with lovely people working both in the store which launched a year ago and also in the newly launched school. Courses are taught in the evenings and invite make-up and beauty enthusiasts to explore Illamasqua and learn techniques and tips from the expert team. The school currently offers a range of creative beauty courses, to learn more you can speak directly with the team on +385 (0) 1 4926 536.

What great elements of the Flagship school in London can you see in Croatia?

The love for the brand and the passion of the teachers! I think the school is going to become very successful as it has already turned in to the creative hub of Zagreb city centre with celebrities and artists of Croatia heading to the store.


What type of courses are available?

Classes you’ll recognise from the Flagship school in London are Mastering Professional Make-up, The Night-Time Diva course and Maturing Beauty. To learn more about the full School of Make-Up Art courses in London, click here.


Can both non-professionals and professional make-up artists attend the School?

Yes absolutely!


What for you is the best aspect of the School?

The people who work there. The students love the space and the teaching.


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

Writer and expert