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Illamasqua Interviews … Ada Zanditon

Ada Zanditon is a Fashion Designer, born and based in London and is a first class graduate of the London College of Fashion. Zanditon made her London Fashion Week catwalk debut in September 2009 (Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Ones to Watch) and presented her Spring Summer 2012 collection “Poseisus” on the London Fashion Week Digital Schedule at Somerset House with  make-up by Illamasqua’s Key Artist, Mika Johnson.

Illamasqua ask Ada some questions…

1. What are you up to at the moment?

I am putting the finishing touches to the first Ada Zanditon Couture wedding dress for a private client, working on my Spring Summer 2013 collection and the film that will showcase it. I am teaming up with director Thomas Knights for a second season and we are thrilled to be working with fashion editor Alexis Knox and Mika Johnson of Illamasqua.

2. What’s your favourite image?

I couldn’t choose one so it had to be TWO – but these images are very closely linked together in terms of what they represent to me about the deep mystery of feminine power.

Henri Rousseau, Le Douanier 1907

The Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I attributed to Isaac Oliver c. 1600

3. What is your favourite piece from the Illamasqua collection and why?

I’m obsessed with the combination of Powder Eye Shadow in Obsidian, Box Lipstick and either Wink or Nomad [below] nails.

4. What has been your most significant achievement to date?

I think launching the brand and continuing to be in business three years later with an ever expanding number of customers is what I am proud to get up and do every day. I do not like to point to one single moment and say that it was the most significant because my personal view is that life and creativity is about a continuous process. But I am very proud to dress and continue to dress inspiring women in clothes that they love, Lily Cole, Lucy Siegle – who wore my dress to the Oscars, Summer Rayne Oakes, Katie Melua (album cover Secret Symphony), Bishi, Viktoria Modesta and Jameela Jamil.

5. Who is your Alter Ego?

My alter ego is a character who I have been illustrating for over 10 years. Her name is Ophelia. When I illustrate a person or living entity it is as much about the thoughts and inner workings of that being as it is about the physical appearance. This is an example of one of my illustrations of Ophelia based on a photograph of myself as a child. It is about a child thinking about love and creating a visual analogy in her mind of what that means.

6. What does red lipstick symbolize for you?

Powerful elegant femininity – it’s my favorite shade to wear and it’s the lip that the character, in my latest film for my AW12, Simia Mineralis collection, has.  It feels completely contemporary to me to twin a strong red lip with a vivid colourful high contrast eye.

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