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Illamasqua for Sorapol

Illamasqua for Sorapol

A/W 15

 Once again our artists here at Illamasqua created the make-up looks for British fashion brand, Sorapol, at their A/W15 London Fashion Week show. This post will take you behind the scenes and also enlighten you on the thought processes behind the looks.

It’s all about the development of human civilisation – from the Aztecs where everything about them symbolised life to the futuristic alien state. We focussed on symbols and shapes for the make-up as these are portrayed through the hair and clothing designs. The key to this collection is symbols.’

Spob O’Brien, Illamasqua Head of Professional Development

behind scenes(Brand Ambassadors Zoe Peplow and Charlotte Savoury at work)

First up UK Brand Ambassador, Zoe Peplow, created this Aztec look with a flawless base. For the block colouring she used Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon mixed with Sealing Gel for an intense colour payoff. For a dark statement lip she used Lipstick in Pristine. The block colouring was to tie in with Sorapol’s colour collection whilst sticking with the Aztec theme.


…and here is the complete look.

Our Events Assistant, Rona, focussed her look around stimulation. For this she used Skin Base Foundation for a dewy fresh base and Powder Eye Shadows in Wolf and Forgiveness for solid angles and a bruised eye.


Rona’s look is inspired by acupuncture points, the idea is that by joining them up it will map out the shape of the face.

Our Southern Trainer, Clare Lille, created this futuristic look using PVC and Precision Gel Liner to imitate surgeon-like markings.

Here is the finished look from which Clare was inspired by the Allen Jones exhibition.

International Brand Ambassador, Charlotte Savoury, wanted to show you can can break make-up down to paint. She began by using structured brush strokes before facial mapping with watered down eyeshadows. Charlotte wanted to create different dimensions for this milky-way inspired look using gems similar to those used on Sorapol’s garments.


The final look…

The final look was created by Chloe, a Colour Creative at our Beak Street store. The make-up was inspired by alienation using predominantly Powder Eye Shadow in Bronx. Spob, Head of Prefessional Development at Illamasqua, described the alien world as “the static sense of us“.

More behind the scenes shots from @sorapollondon‘s Instagram:

for blog

This season instead of the usual catwalk show, Sorapol put on an exhibition to show off their latest designs. The make up looks created were specific to each theme and reflected the environment the models were in.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of our artists at work during London Fashion Week. Which was your favourite look?



Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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