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Illamasqua attends Fashion Week alongside Ada Zanditon

A few of us were lucky enough to attend an event associated with upcoming designer Ada Zanditon at the Felicities presents event durning London Fashion Week. The evening was filled with exquisite clothes, talented designers, avant garde looks and lots of free goodies!

The reason we were able to attend such a glamorous event was all down to our fabulous Key Artist Mika. He flew over with Ada to Cyprus where they filmed her new trailer, where he did the make-up for the shoot.


During the event Ada and a handful of other creative designers showcased their new trailers on iPads where beside it stood a model, wearing each designers latest clothes.



Ada’s collection was edgy, post-modern yet softly beautiful and I was in awe of the trailer as much as I was with the designs. Dynamic and intense it definitely enticed me in.




The venue, which was held in the stunning Somerset house, was packed, where I got to witness some crazy, individual and very illamasqua inspired looks, what do you think…?



Illamasqua even took part in the event, along with the fabulous goodies I received I stumbled across some daring, orange feathered Illamasqua eye lashes. I can’t wait to try them out!



Thanks again to Ada for the invitation to the event and good luck in all your work in the future, you will always have Illamasqua as a supporter! Check out her amazing new trailer here!

Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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