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Socialise Takeover: Rosaleen

Today we hand over to Rosaleen for a contribution to Socialise on her thoughts and tips for celebrity make-up…

Isn’t it funny how certain style choices can speak volumes about the kind of person that you are?

To illustrate this idea, it might be useful to look at Marilyn Monroe, one of the inspirations for the new Human Fundamentalism campaign. When we remember her persona, it is intrinsically linked to her beauty choices. Her sex appeal can be traced in that blood-red pout, her decadent glamour is reflected in that jet black beauty spot, and her butter-wouldn’t-melt giggle is as soft as those bleached blonde locks. Her make-up wasn’t just something that she liked the look of – it helped to communicate who she was.



In today’s society, a growing fascination with celebrity culture has resulted in people trying to replicate certain celebrity looks. Just last week, the Daily Mail wrote a feature on beauty blogger Promise Tamang Phan, a girl who can transform her face to look like almost any celebrity. Although these figures can be a wonderful source of inspiration, I would love to see more people creating new and innovative make-up concepts.


Promise Tamang Phan


Using some icons from popular culture, I’ve decided to provide a run-down of how you can interpret these celebrity looks by using Illamasqua products. Take what you like and leave the rest; it’s all about working these trends your way.


A striking white base a la Marilyn Manson
Famed for his gothic style and eccentric make-up choices, Marilyn Manson is never seen without his flawless white base. To get his snowy look, why not try the Illamasqua Powder Foundation in PF 100 (pure white) or Skin Base Foundation in SB 01. It will be sure to contrast to any other applied colours, giving all of your make-up a bright and theatrical edge.




Diva dark pout like Grace Jones
Androgyny was at the height of style during the reign of Grace Jones.




Despite sporting a harsh, short hair cut and creating masculine lines with her contours, Grace always kept one thing undeniably feminine – her lips. Channel your inner diva with some dark shades like Ms Jones, try using the Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic.





Face art for the alter ego, seen on David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust
Whoever said that make-up should be confined to a specific area of the face? The beauty of Illamasqua products is that the pigments are so strong, they are all multi-use and easily adaptable.


Combine the Sealing Gel with any of your favourite pigments to create a waterproof oily consistency to be used however you see fit. These are perfect for creating face art designs without the worry of any powder dropping. If you’re not quite feeling that bold, why not use the formula to mix-up your favourite pigment and use it as an eyeliner?


Statement Kardashian smoky eyes

It doesn’t matter which one is your favourite, there is one thing that every fan of the Kardashians will all agree on… their smoky eyes are exquisite. A little while ago Illamasqua introduced the Sophie Pencil. This is a one-stop tool to creating the ultimate smoky eye, from lining the eye to blending the contour and even adding feline flicks. What’s more is that a percentage of sales go straight to the Sophie Lancaster foundation, a charity close to the brand’s heart.




Hopefully you’ve been inspired to try something new. Who knows – maybe one day someone will be examining your statement look! Be sure to post your creations on the Illamasqua Facebook page and tell us which products you’ve used.


Thank you to Rosaleen Gallagher of Mixed Gems for this fabulous story!


Govinder Rayt

Govinder Rayt

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